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DR. RE:DE Recover Therapy Ampule-Q:A 10ml*3ea

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    1,000 ea
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    50,000 ea per Weekly
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    Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, World Wide
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  • Brand
    DR. RE:DE
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Expiry Date
    2 years from the date of manufacture
  • Features
    Peptide Cream
  • Function
    Brightening, Skin Recovery
  • Gender
  • age-appropriate
  • Size(Capacity)
    10ML*3ea / 0.34 fl. Oz
Recover Therapy Ampule-Q:A
The compound word DR. RE:DE contains two meanings: Recover or Refresh or Regeneration and Derma.
DR. RE:DE, the cosmeceutical brand focuses on innovation of Derma biotechnology to restore the aged skin and renew it with the orginal skin.
Every day, our researchers is thinking out a special remedy for returning ageing skin to a more healthy state.
We always think about the increasing number of skin problems caused by stresses.
To minimize irritaion on sensitive or skin damaged skin, the product was formulated using skin-firming peptides and natural ingredients, which are the specially designed for skin anti-aging.
This cream contains peptides to help regenerate damaged skin cells.
It is a whitening/anti-wrinkle double functional hypoallergenic recovery cream formulated with natural lipids which protect your skin and keep healthy.
Nomalising the turn-over cycle of damaged skin cells to make skin tone brighter
Niaciamide inhibits pigmentation by suppressing melanin transport
Four peptide promote the synthesis of anti-aging elements such as collagen, elastin, and reticular fiber to help improve wrinkles and elasticity
Golden swallow's nest stimulates cel growth through stem cell activation


  • composition for alleviating skin regeneration 
    the Korean Intellectual Property Office 


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