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Korea Process

KT30 Basic Inline, Lab & Small Production Inline Dispersers-Horizontal type

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  • Brand
    Korea Process
    Model K130100
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
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K-Super Reactor® Lab & Small Production Inline Dispersers-Horizontal type
KT30 Basic inline

• Enables stable stirring and dispersion by using high performance motor (500W)
• Can be continuously circulated using a flow chamber, can be moved to another process after dispersion
• Reduces dispersion time by 50% compared to conventional batch type disperser
• Up to 14 L / min processing capacity
• Speed adjustment from 10,000 to 30,000 rpm
• Vacuum / Pressurized operation possible
• Device overload protection function
• Effectively apply sample dispersion to be used with various kinds of dispersing tools
• Real-time rotational speed (RPM) per minute of a homogenizer rotary screwdriver shaft is measured in real time using DSM-5
• Basic configuration KT30 basic, KFC30 Flow chamber, Dispersing tool, KMB30 Mounting base
Product composition
- KT30 BASIC (motor dirve)
- KFC 30 (flow chamber)
- KT30-SI-30F, (1-stage inline dispersing elements)
- KMB30 (mount base)
- DSM-5 (rpm measuring unit)
- Hopper, Double-walled vessel, Stainless (SUS 304), 1 liter
- Hopper, Single-walled acylic hopper, 1 liter
- elbow & fitting accessory
Model KT30 basic inline
Ident. No. K130100
Motor Capacity 500 W
Speed range 10,000~30,000 rpm
Flow rate (H2O) 14 1/mm
Max. viscosity 10,000 mPas
Max. operating temperature 180 ℃
Chamber volume 35ml
Min. vacuum 1mbar
Max. pressure 3bar
Noise without dispersing element 70db
Overload protection Yes
Dimension[W x D x H] 100 x 510 x 110 mm
Weight 3.5 kg

Exchangeable Dispersing elements
Model KT30-SI-30G KT30-SI-30M KT30-SI-30F
Ident. No. K130011 K130012 K130013
Diam. of the rotor (mm) 23 19 23
Diam. of the stator (mm) 30 30 30
Shaft length (mm) 142 142 142
Peripheral speed at 30,000 1/min 29.8 21.9 29.8
Materials in contact with medium FFPM/SIC/STS316L FFPM/SIC/STS316L FFPM/SIC/STS316L
Suitable for solvent YES YES YES
Ultimate Fineness suspension (µm) 10~50 high-speed mixer 5~25
Ultimate Fineness emulsion (µm) 1~10 high-speed mixer 1~10
Model stainless steel hopper Acrylic hopper
Ident. No. K130154 K130155
Hopper Volume 1L 3.2L
Outer diameter 139 mm 170 mm
Inner diameter 114 mm 160 mm
Height 147 mm 180 mm
KFC30 Flow chamber
Model Single chamber (1-generator) Double chamber (3-generator)
Ident. No. K130151 K130152
Chamber volume 35 ml 105 ml
Vacuum 1 mbar 1 mbar
Pressure 3 bar 3 bar

KMB30 Mounting base
Model KMB30
Ident. No. K130153
Dimension (W x D x H) 100 x 510 x 110 mm


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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 84 Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul (08590)
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Korea Process Technology Co., Ltd.

Korea Process Technology Co., Ltd.

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    Jeong-il Ppyun
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    84 Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul (08590)
We are one of leading manufacturers of laboratory equipments, pilot & production dispersing machine with plant & wholesale and retail in Korea.
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    disperser, homogenizer & mill
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