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TW Korean Ginseng Tea (3g x 100pcs)

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    Model TW Korean Ginseng Tea
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    (3g x 100pcs)

Taewoong Food Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive food products manufacturing company with the naturalistic philosophical slogan “Closer to nature”. We have been engaged in and distributing health functional food including red ginseng and ginseng products, beverages and coffee since 1981 when even the term health functional food was unfamiliar in Korea.
We develop our products in a company-affiliated research institute recognized by Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association to manufacture healthy and safe food. We manufacture products from more advanced facilities with GMP certification, ISO 9001 certification, HACCP certification, and HALAL certification.
Korea Ginseng Tea

Korean Ginseng Tea


Product Code : A110006
Capacity : 3g x 100pcs
Package Size(mm) : 177 x 288 x 64
CBM : 0.1104
It is a portable red ginseng product that can be easily ingested anywhere and anytime. Unlike regular stick red ginseng products, red ginseng content is as high as health functional foods. It is designed as a case that can be taken by one capsule, so it can be easily taken at the time of work, business trip, travel, and exercise. It also contains taurine and honey so that both men and women of all ages can enjoy good health.
Intake method
Put 1pc in a cup of hot water or cold water and stir well. If you add sesame or sweetener, you can enjoy the original flavor of red ginseng better.
Storage method
Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

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36-year know-how on extracting oriental raw materials

Red ginseng
- Contain various saponin
- Generate new physiologically active ingredient
- Rejuvenate, improve immunity
- Help to nourishment, antioxidant activity

- Effective in hangover relief and preventing cirrhosis

Sanghwang Mushroom
- Known to have a large anticancer effect, used as a dish, and mainly as a medicinal product


The largest domestic production line capable of manufacturing all food formulations
Powder form / Capsule form / Concentrate type / Jelly type / Granule form

World-class manufacturing and R&D facilities
- Organic certification and Halal food certification
- Sanitary and safe manufacturing facilities recognized by the government

Focused on changing consumption trends
- Target customers of various ages who find healthy functional foods
- First Korean medicine to be sold at convenient store by improving package design, convenience and bitterness inherent in traditional Korean medicine

Reliable product
One a day Korea Red Ginseng Extract is made of healthy and reliable raw materials. It is made safe by thorough production control and hygiene inspection at HACCP certified facility.




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  • Name : Hyun Ju Kong
  • Tel : 82-0435350621
  • Email : ceo@twfood.co.kr


Shipping from : Afghanistan
  • 21, Daegeum-ro 196beon-gil, Daeso-myeon, Eumseong-gu, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea (27670)
Taewoong Food Co., Ltd.

Taewoong Food Co., Ltd.

www.twfood.co.kr/en/ Seller_Mail
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    Hyun Joo Chang
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    21, Daegeum-ro 196beon-gil, Daeso-myeon, Eumseong-gu, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea (27670)
Since the foundation in 1981, Taewoong Food Co., Ltd is a company of tradition that has researched/manufactured red ginseng raw materials, diverse traditional herb medicinal raw materials, and all sorts of functional foods and beverages, under the slogan of 'Closer to Nature'. On top of acquiring many international public certifications such as ISO22000, ISO9001, and GMP Certification, necessary to products and manufacturing, Taewoong is safely developing/manufacturing products through the strict quality/hygiene control for manufacturing perfect products, based on the hygienic and specialized manufacturing system certified by HACCP.
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    One a day Korean Red Ginseng Extract
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    11~50 people



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