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Special(Nickel) Alloy Wires

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    Model Special(Nickel) Alloy Wires
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    Republic of Korea
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    Depending on the requirements
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    Alloy wire
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    Depending on the packing specification
We offer approximately 20 kinds of special alloy wire with
exceptional corrosion resistance and heat resistance to customers
Types of Special Alloy Wire (Specification) 
Grade                                                   Characteristic
Alloy601     - High Temperature Strength, Resistance AgainstOxidation, Carbonization,                                                                                   (N06601)       Nitrification
                 - Stress and Corrosion Resistance at Room/High Temperature Condition
                 - Chlorine Resistance in Dry Chloric Environment
C  0.10,  Mn  1.00, Fe  Rem, P  0.03, S  0.015, Si  0.50, Cu  1.00,
Cr  21.5, To 25.0, Ni  58.0 To 63.0 ,Al  1.0 To 1.7, Etc 0.50
Alloy625    - Low/High Temperature Strength, High resistance against Corrosion
 (N06625)    and Oxidation
                - Guarantee high tensile strength & elongation, Oxidation resistance,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
                   and Fatigue strength from extremely low temperature to high 
                   temperature,  980℃
                 - Excellent resistance against corrosion cracking
                 - Excellent resistance against Chlorine condition
                 - Excellence in corrosion resistance against such Acid condition as Nitric, 
                   Phosphoric, Sulfuric
                 - Excellence in corrosion resistance against such condition as Organic Acid 
                   and Alkalinity 
C  0.10     Mn  1.00     Fe  5.00     P  0.02     S  0.015     Si  0.50     Cu  0.50                      
Cr  20.0 To 23.0    Ni  58.0min     Al  0.40     Ti  0.40     Mo  8.0 To 10.0    Etc 3.65 To 4.65  
Alloy 718    - Low/High Temperature Strength, High resistance against Corrosion
 (N07718)      and Oxidation
                - High Tensile Strength up to temperature, 700℃ condition
                - High Oxidation resistance up to temperature, 1,000℃ condition
                - High resistance against Stress Corrosion
                - Excellent Arc. Weldability  
C  0.08     Si  0.35     Mn  0.35     Al  0.2 To 0.8     Ti  0.65 To 1.15     Ni  50 To 55          
Cr  17 To 21     Cu  0.3     Mo  2.8 To 3.3     Fe  Bal     Nb+Ta  4.75 To 5.5   Etc   -  
Alloy C276   - High Corrosion Resistance, Intergranular Corrosion Resistance,
 (N10276)       Friction Wearing Resistanc
                 - High Resistance in Oxidation & Reducing Environment
                 - High resistance against Stress Corrosion and Cracks 
C  0.02     Mn  1.00     Fe  4.0 To 7.0     P  0.04     S  0.03     Si  0.08     Cu  0.50            
Co  2.50   Cr  14.5 To 16.5     Ni  Rem     Mo  15.0 To 17.0     Etc 3.85 To 5.35  
Alloy X750   - High resistance against Corrosion and Oxidation at High temperature 
 (-)               condition
                 - Aging and Thermosetting (Thermohardening) Alloy excellent in Corrosion 
                   & Oxidation resistance
                 - Guarantee Tensile Strength in high level up to temperature, 600℃
                 - High Creep Strength
                 - High Stress Endurance
C  0.08Max     Mn  0.35Max     Fe  8.00     Si  0.35max     Co  1.00max     Cr  16.0 
Ni  70.00        Al0.80     Ti  2.5     Etc  1.00
Alloy 400    - High corrosion resistance, High weldability and high strength
(N04400)    - resistance to a variety of corrosive conditions 
                - Application : valves and pumps; pump and propeller shafts; marine fixtures 
                  and fasteners; electrical and electronic components; springs; chemical 
                  processing equipment; gasoline and fresh water tanks; crude petroleum stills, 
                  process vessels and piping; boiler feedwater heaters and other heat 
                  exchangers; and deaerating heaters.
C  0.3max     Mn  2.0max     Fe  2.5max     S  0.024max     Si  0.5Max 28 To 34    Ni  63min     Etc 0.025 To 0.060
Alloy 693   - High resistance against Corrosion and Oxidation at High temperature
(N06693)      condition
 (-)           - good resistance to sulfidation in both oxidizing and reducing
                 environments containing sulfur
               - Guarantee Tensile Strength in high level up to temperature, 1100℃
C  0.15     Mn  1.00     Fe  2.5 To 6.0     P  0.03     S  0.01     Si  0.50     Cu  0.50            
Cr 27.0 To 31.0     Ni  Rem     Al  2.5 To 4.0     Ti  1.00     Etc  1.0 To 4.0  
WASPALOY    - good strength at temperatures up to about 980°C.
 (-)               - material for forged and fabricated gas turbine and aerospace components
                   - High Resistance in Oxidation & Reducing Environment
C  0.008Max     Mn  0.10Max     Fe  2.00Max     Co  13.50Max     Si  0.15Max              
Cu 0.1Max       Cr  19.0     Ni  58.00     Al  0.015Max     Ti  3.00     Mo  4.30     Etc  0.056 
standardization and packing specifications for special packages can be
changed according to customer request, and can be ordered separately.
Wire Cond    Dia(mm)         Unit package           Innerside Packing     Outerside Packing
Soft             0.10 ~ 0.14     DIN 100 Spool            Carton Box             Cardboard Box
                  0.15 ~ 0.18     DIN 125 Spool                                                or
                  0.19 ~ 0.35     DIN 160 Spool                                         Wooden Case
                                      DIN 200 Spool                                      
                                      DIN 250 Spool                                        
                                      DIN 355 Spool                                                       
                  0.71 ~ 1.99     12” 16” 24” Coil/Pail       P.P Cloth             Cardboard Box
                  2.00 ~ 5.25     24” Coil/Carrier                                  Bundle with P.P Cloth 
Wire Cond    Dia(mm)         Unit package        Innerside Packing     Outerside Packing
Hard           0.10 ~ 0.30       DIN 100 Spool         Carton Box              Cardboard Box
                  0.30 ~ 0.60       DIN 125 Spool                                        Wooden Case 
                                        DIN 160 Spool                                                                                
                                        DIN 200 Spool                         
                                        DIN 250 Spool                                   
                                        DIN 355 Spool
                  0.61 ~ 0.99       8” 10” 12” Coil           P.P Cloth               Cardboard Box 
                  1.00 ~ 1.99      12” 14” 18” 24” Coil     P.P Cloth               Cardboard Box
                  2.00 ~ 15.00     24” 32” Coil/Carrier                         Bundle with P.P Cloth 
Packing specifications can be changed according to customer request.



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KOWEL Co., Ltd.

KOWEL Co., Ltd.

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"It is our great honor to have a precious chance to introduce our company, KOWEL Co., Ltd. Since we established on the 08th Oct. 1982, we have been surviving in the hectic changing atmosphere of all kinds of industries thanks to our customers, partners, and interested-parties. As there is a saying, “Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY”, we have always been with great WILL to make everyone’s life better and our valuable ones have not been reluctant to be our WAY. The benefit as just our own is not the benefit, which makes everybody be successful. We always believe that our related parties should be happy prior to our happiness for us to be happy eventually. In the meantime, our products, Stainless and Nickel Alloy Wires and Welding Wires are meaningless as products themselves. But, they are the core items connecting each industry in the world like connection between KOWEL and our every party. We, KOWEL value the quality but not just high quality itself and we value quality stability more. We, KOWEL value benefit, which comes to our customers first and comes to us as reflection later. We, KOWEL are surely aware of that all customers deserve the right to purchase the quality products with best prices in the world and we try our best to support their right. We, KOWEL do not guarantee only low and cheap prices but reasonable ones, which make our quality stable and customers satisfied in long term. We, KOWEL make sure that “somebody can feel our prices are higher than their expectation as not used our products before but every customer who used ours says our price is not high but reasonable.” Without our Admired Customers, Partners, and Interested-parties, we, KOWEL are nothing and we do not make them waiting."
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  • Flexible exhaust valve for Muffler

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