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Cocotail H-Shaped Harness + Dog Vest Leash

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  • Brand
    Model Pet Harness + Leash
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    Harness Size : XS / S / M / L
  • Package Includes
    Leash Lenth : 15mm 2M,20mm 2M /15mm 3M,20mm 3M
  • Color
    Color : Charcoal / Yellow / Red / Blue / Violet

COCO TAIL H-shaped Harness


H-shaped Harness + Dog Leash

EAN 8809629895989

Color Option
1. Charcoal
2. Yellow
3. Red
4. Blue
5. Violet

Harnees Size : XS / S / M / L

Leash Size :  
15mm 2M,20mm 2M
/15mm 3M,20mm 3M

Material : Nylon cotton blend
Country of Origin : Republic of Korea

Click Here to View Video

Click Here to View Video


COCOTAIL H-shaped Harness
The pulling force are dispersed to 5 points including neck and chest
The perfect shape that minimizes pressure on the chest and armpit, and very safe

Feature 01
Nylon Cotton Blend Materials

3M Reflective Materials

Feature 02
YKK Buckles

Safe and strong YKK buckle
2 chest buckles are easy to attach and detach

Feature 03
Sewing Details

Bar-tack processing and square sewing on joints strengthen the solidity of seals and minimizes the irritation on skin

2-Way Leash

Feature 04
Made in Korea

100% made in Korea
Self-produced by pet goods specialists
15 years of experience

Feature 05
Strong Design & Structure

The connecting hook of a leash is on the back
The legs located in the H structure prevent the harness from falling off.
The H structure lessens the burden on pets by dispersing the force of pulling.

Choose the size
XS / S / M / L
Adjust the circumference of the stomach, shoulders and chest
Adjust according to the size of your dogs

Premium pet brand rooted in Korea and reaching globally


Size Guide
Please be sure to check the size of the product.
When choosing the size, please choose 2~3cm more than the measured neck and chest circumference of your dog.
The recommended size may vary depending on the dog's body type even if it is the same breed.

Dog Leash Size

※ Guide to choose the appropriate leash
- 2M Leash : For pets that must be kept close to the owner
- 3M Leash : For pets that may frisk around in the fields and return to the owner instantly when called

The hook weight and solidity are different between 15mm and 20mm leash. Choose according to the strength and size of your pet.
※ Some proceeds from sales are sponsored to organic animal protection organizations.

Harness Size

Model Information
※ Some proceeds from sales are sponsored to organic animal protection organizations.


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  • Name : Yeju Hwang
  • Tel : 82-07040278009
  • Email : cocotail@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 23, Doksan-ro 50-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea (08563)
  • The person in charge

    Yeju Hwang
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    23, Doksan-ro 50-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea (08563)
We are a reliable premium pet brand, called as CoCotail, which creates pet goods designed by a professional guru who has worked for a decade since 2015. Urban Outerwear For Our Lovely Pets My priceless pet, my another family that has been together for a long time. As the family that cannot speak to express thier situation and thought, we are always concerned whether S/he is comfortable or not. We carefully make products in consideration of the use of better materials, as well as much comfortable movements of our pets as we put more efforts on detailed matters for our delicate pets.
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