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Water Circulation System

Water Circulation System

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    Water Circulation System
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24 Hour—Operation with Solar Energy + Wind
HJ-—1000 can be operated for 24 hours by using solar energy and wind energy without an additional power, Use of wind energy compensates solar energy—powered system, which can't be a operated without sunlight during bad weather or at night, and mee combination of solar and wind energy enables 24-hour operation with as long as there is a slight wind.
Six-blade HJ-1000 with an acceleration device (4~8 times) is powered by light wind and actuate two units of the impeller (for ground water and for oxygen supply) for water circulation.
HJ—1000 runs at 75 rpm by using generated power from three 300W solar generation modules with a BLDC motor, In case of wind velocity at over 75 rom, power generated from solar panels is charged to storage batteries (4~250A units) then the motor generation automatically shut down.
Easy to Operate and Check the System Remotely with a Portable Controller
 A built-in RF controller of HJ-1000 not only enables remote operation (start and stop) as well as status check of the system so riding a boat for the visual examination of the circulation system won't be necessary,
 Using solar and wind power energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, MIRAE’s Water Circulation System keeps the water of polluted rivers, lakes, and reservoirs clean, providing water quality improvement and water bloom prevention effects.

 An water bloom Removal Barge is an eco-friendly method to raise green water bloom with water above or near water and filter it with triple filter unlike the water bloom collection method that requires coagulant, microbes, drugs, red clay sprinkling, or personnel (acquired a certificate of good technology from Korea Water Resources Corporation).



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MIRAE E&I Co. Ltd.,

MIRAE E&I Co. Ltd.,

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    33 Digital-ro 9-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul (08511)
. For smooth signal communications in the high-technology industrial system, we provide optimized systems and services to clients from all around the world via signal transmitters, digital indicators, data loggers, arresters and additional products of excellent technologies. . With our rich experience and advanced technical skills, we will lead the industry by producing solar junction boxes for the renewable energy sector, tracking monitoring systems and development systems. . We strive to grow as an eco-friendly company by developing the water cycle system, algae disposal barge and more, based on over 25 years of experience in eco-friendly manufacturing and the renewable energy business that prevent environmental destruction and water pollution due to algae every summer.
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