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EXOREX Brightening Aqua Solution

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    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    19.5cm*8cm*2.7cm (2ml)
  • Material
    Cross linked Hyaluronic Acid
  • Weight
  • Function
    Moisturizing, Brightening
The water supplements solution to skin.
Keep the water reservation ability of skin. Elasticity supplement for aging skin.
Help collagen, elastin formation.
√ Moisturizing improvement
Polymeric hyaluronic acid, which has 200~300 times water in it, could help dry skin to be moisture and fresh
√ Keep skin elasticity
Help to keep the water reservation ability of skin and protect the skin from fine wrinkles and skin sagging
√ Reinforcement of skin barrier
Ingredient that very similar with ingredients in skin, low irritation and could prevent your skin from the irritation from environment and also help the reinforcement of skin barrier
√ Control of melanin and freckles
Control the production of prostaglandin that could irritate tyrosinase
√ Freckles improvement effect and relax the skin pigmentation from UV
√ Reinforcement of skin barrier through skin astriction effect
√ Skin soothing and anti-inflammatory effect
√ Wrinkle improvement ingredient identified by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
Through the stimulation of fibroblasts, help the production and composition of new collagen - a substance that could help the improvement of wrinkle and skin elasticity
√ Necessary component that compose ATP in the body
√ Stable and safety in the body
√ Intracellular component that can be used anytime
* Effects above are only characteristics of ingredients
● Characteristic manufacturing process -3D structural arrangement process - improve the stability
● Ensure the product safety by using high-quality HA ingredients
● Minimize the risk of microorganism pollution by sterilization process after manufacturing
● Could be used with any skin care or treatment program in homecare, aesthetic and dermatology
● Could be used at any time if needed
● Tranexamic acid and adenosine contained, help the improvement of fine wrinkles and skin brightening

Recommended to people as follows!!
√ Skin that is dry and easy to get dry
√ Skin that dull and easy to get dull after UV exposure
√ Skin that has freckles and pigmentation
√ Skin that is rough and the make-up could not last for long
√ Debris and dirt on the skin and pores on nose and face
√ Moisturizing effect is not ideal after moisturizing cream application
√ For whom that want to make a light makeup with confidence
√ For whom that want to have a confident plain face like celebrities
√ Before important days like wedding and interview
√ For whom that has wrinkles traces on face after makeup


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  • Name : Shim Hyuneung
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  • 5 Sinbanpo-ro 49-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul (06531)
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BF Medical Co., Ltd.

BF Medical Co., Ltd.

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    5 Sinbanpo-ro 49-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul (06531)
BF MEDICAL GROUP takes the lead in supporting management of domestic/foreign hospitals, attracting foreign patients and importing/exporting advanced medical services as an international medical cooperation business expert. It is a global healthcare group which conducts R&D in medical equipment, medicine, cosmetics, health food etc. industries using the next-generation biotechnology, advanced genome decoding and research on stem cell etc. and provides individual Theranostics through cooperating with domestic/foreign medical institutions. Our group takes the initiative in exporting medical services and equipment and executes a variety of educational businesses while operating overseas branches and hospitals based on its know-how to support domestic hospital management. The group, registered with and permitted by KOTRA, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety etc. in relation to its businesses, realizes transparent business policies.
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