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SalaNsu Moisture Shield Lifting Mask Pack

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  • Brand
    Model Moisture Shield Lifting Mask Pack
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    12x16x1cm (30g/EA)
  • Color
  • Function
    Help skin wrinkle improvement
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SalaNSu is a skin care beauty company. We offer a skin care program where we bring out the natural beauty of skins as much as possible and maintain the natural beauty for a long time. We make you to experience a return to a young and healthy skin.
Nowadays, environmental balance, climate change, proliferation of disease, and widespread stress make it easy for health balance of body and mind to collapse. We are constantly developing and expanding our total skin care products and programs with the goal of 'healthier beauty' so that modern people can cultivate 'beauty' as a source of abundant energy.
We also enable people to live together between people and regions through various collaborative projects. We are a young company that supports various activities to realize 'true beauty' by working on a project to create a healthy business ecosystem environment.
SalaNsu Moisture Shield Lifting Mask pack  

Moisture Shield Lifting Mask pack


1. 5ea
2. 10ea
3. 15ea

Product Name : SalaNSu Moisture Shield Lifting Mask
Capacity : 23ml
Product : 12x16x1cm (30g/EA)
Color : White
Country of Origin : Republic of Korea
Efficacy : Help skin wrinkle improvement
Ingredient : Adenosine

How to use
Put the mask on face, remove after 15 ~ 20 minutes, then rinse with water.

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SalaNSu Moisture Shield Lifting Mask
Plenty of chitosan due to our own nanotechnology!
Chitosan helps keep your skin hydrated.
Your moisture-filled shield!
- Wrinkle improvement
- Nutrition Care
- Moisture retention
- Create elasticity
SalaNSu Moisture Shield Lifting Mask tightens your skin's wrinkles all at once to end skin troubles!

Chitosan will clearly remove skin wastes in pores!
Chitosan is obtained from crustaceans including crab, shrimp and lobster!
It is the beauty that chitosan offers!

Deep cleansing into the pores!
Solve dry and dull skin with SalaNSu Moisture Shield Lifting Mask

Do you get wrinkles day by day?
If you do not have lifting care on your skin, expensive cosmetics are useless!
Nutrition + Wrinkles + Moisture
To get rid of apparently wrinkles and dull skin, you should make your skin look firm and bright with premium nutritional care.

A gift for you who spend a busy day
Now do easy and convenient home care for 15 minutes everyday!
Differentiated technology of SalaNSu Moisture Shield Lifting Mask

Why is SalaNSu Moisture Shield Lifting Mask different?
Feel healthier with SalaNSu's exclusive nanotechnology moisturizing shield lifting mask.

Efficacy of SalaNSu Moisture Shield Lifting Mask to keep skin moist
One piece of SalaNSu Moisture Shield Lifting Mask is full of nutrients!

Efficacy of chitosan
Functions of chitosan
Non-toxic / heavy metal adsorption / regeneration effect / antibacterial effect / skin strengthening

Point 1.
Confident premium ingredients

One piece of SalaNSu Moisture Shield Lifting Mask is full of nutrients!
Everyone says they packed good ingredients into a mask pack. But! The skin is depressed even if you use the mask pack that people say is good. Three good ingredients brighten your face, giving you the healthiness filled from inner skin.

Point 2.
Mask sheet wrapping gently without floating

Noticeably different adhesion!
Unique technology is applied to SalaNSu Moisture Shield Lifting Mask. It applies evenly to the curved parts of the skin, maximizing skin care effect.

Point 3.
'15 minutes every day' Beauty habit at home

Just paste and you're done! Easy Home Care
Do you still go to the beauty shop to get skin care? Real skin makers do smart home care every day. You can have honey-like skin using SalaNSu Moisture Shield Lifting Mask for 15 minutes everyday.

Point 4.
Strong lifting on wrinkled skin

A magical change to the powerless skin
Return your skin to the wrinkle-free elastic skin!

Point 5.
Choice for bright and moist skin

Skin lightening like milky white!
Chitosan removes wastes from the pores and brightens the skin tone beautifully.

Revert your skin age!
SalaNSu Moisture Shield Lifting Mask is a mask with wrinkle, skin soothing, deep cleansing effect in the pores, and contains chitosan and purslane extract, and adenosine.

It is a deep cleansing mask that protects the skin by removing chitosan in the pores. Also, moisture and nutrients penetrate into the skin, leaving the skin moist and resilient.
Waste removal · Wrinkle improvement · Moisturizing

How to use

SalaNSu Moisture Shield Lifting Mask is recommended to below people
1. People with wrinkles in eyes and mouth
2. People who want to give skin moisture
3. People who need skin care after traveling or outdoors
4. People who want good make-up skin
5. People who want to restore clean, bright skin
6. People who want easy skin care at home

1. If you have any symptoms or side effects such as red spots, swelling or itching, when using cosmetics or after use, consult a specialist.
2. Do not use it on a wound.
3. Storage and Handling Precautions
a. Keep out of reach of children.
b. Please store away from direct sunlight.
4. Avoid contact with eyes.




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