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Kid’s Nail Sticker & Coloring Book

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    Republic of Korea
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    TYPE : 1. Coco’s Fruit Store / 2. Wendy’s Flower Shop / 3. Dessert Café Play / 4. Special Set
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IRiS Cosmetics has replaced the existing nail polish with a nail polish strip. Based on our high technology, we have developed and produced manicure stickers that are applied to nails with 100% nail polish ingredients for the first time in Korea. Our products are inspired by a variety of places, such as lifestyle, art, and nature, and are reinterpreted in a modern sense.
Colorful Nail Play Kid’s Nail Sticker and Coloring Book

Colorful Nail Play
Kid’s Nail Sticker and
Coloring Book

EAN 8809629894340

1. Coco’s Fruit Store
2. Wendy’s Flower Shop
3. Dessert Café Play

1. 36 pcs of nail stickers
2. Coloring book

Material : PU (passed Korean safety KC certification test), pigments, etc.

Country of Origin : Republic of Korea

Colorful Nail Play help your children develop small muscles and brain function
Reading & Playing & Drawing

Kid’s Nail Sticker and Coloring Book for children to enjoy through various plays in daily life
- Form a sense of bonding between parents and children through a play where both can take part of
- Safe nail stickers for children to use
- Develop cognitive ability through a play of coloring and attaching on fingernails
- Naturally stop the habit of licking fingers and biting fingernails

Made of safe ingredients especially for children
Colorful Nail Play is a product made of safe and harmless ingredient for children

Reading & Playing & Drawing
Cultivate the creativity and imagination of your children through colorful nail coloring

1) Read out the story in the coloring book to arouse your children’s interest.

2) Help your children attach the nail stickers with the story character on their fingernails.
Compliment on their decorated fingers! Your children will be prevented from licking fingers or peeling of fingernails without being stressed.

3) Help your children participate naturally in coloring the storybook according to the story.
Do the coloring together with your children by looking at the nail stickers on fingernails or drawings of the picture.

4) Let your children choose the part they like from the colored storybook and then put in the paper framed package.

5) Put the work in the paper framed package.

6) Display it at the place your children want.

Product Component

- The minimum age to use is 36 months.
- Make sure your child does not put the stickers in the mouth or swallow them.
- Do not use this product if there is any abnormality observed around the fingernails and skin.
- Avoid keeping this product in a place with high temperatures and direct sunlight.
- Take off the stickers like regular ones within 2~3 days after using them. If they were put on for a long time, erase them with a nail remover.


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Iris Cosmetic
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[Company Introduction] IRIS Company, had established in 2002, started cosmetics business as a part of business expansion from 2012. IRIS cosmetics has a slogan, “The shining beauty like diamond”, and has tired to manufacture cosmetics that help highlight the individual’s natural beauty. At the end of the try for a few years, eventually ‘DRY NAIL POLISH’, made of 100% real nail polish was developed in 2014. Notwithstanding, IRIS cosmetic is incessantly trying to improve the quality of products. IRIS cosmetics plans to develop various cosmetics based on high technology and to introduce new types of cosmetics that have not ever seen on the market. VISION “To be a leader of trend who quickly catches customer needs, and supports good products at reasonable prices.” MISSION “Providing busy modern people with maximum beauty by minimum effort.”
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    Iris sticking manicure
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