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Sw birth-stone pencil 12pcs Set

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    Model birth-stone pencil
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    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
  • Package Includes
    1. January - Garnet 2. February - Amethyst 3. March - Aquamarine 4. April - Diamond 5. May - Emerald
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SW is a company that manufactures wallets and pencils. We produce high-quality products with technology from leather wallet craftsmen over 30 years. All products are made of natural cowhide and durable.
Supplied with Swarovski crystal, simple yet unique products which combine wallet or pencil with birthstone are constantly being loved in Korea.

Sw birth-stone pencil 12pcs Set

Decorated with Swarovski crystals on top of an elegant black matte pencil


Meet the birthstone from January to December
#1. January - Garnet
#2. February - Amethyst
#3. March - Aquamarine
#4. April - Diamond
#5. May - Emerald
#6. June - Crystal white pearl
#7. July - Ruby
#8. August - Peridot
#9. September - Sapphire
#10. October - White opal
#11. November - Topaz
#12. December - Turquoise
Meet the birthstone from January to December
#1. January - Garnet
Friendship, faithfulness, fidelity, truth

It was believed that if you walked away with your garnet on your journey, it would defeat any danger. This stone has always been known to be mysterious to protect health. It was believed to be a stone that could protect against death, and gave a great deal of faith to soldiers heading to battlefields during the Crusades.

#2. February - Amethyst
Sincerity, peace of mind

The ancient Westerners believed that if they had amethyst in their body, they will not get drunk no matter how much alcohol they drink.
Amethyst became not only the beauty of the stone itself, but also the precious stone that the stone possesses.
#3. March - Aquamarine
Calmness, intelligence, bravery, belief

Young Aquamarine lovers these days say they can make good friends by having this stone, and they can make a lover by earring this stone. When a person with an urgent and nervous person puts on the aquamarine ring, it is common to see that the nerves are stabilized and the fatigue of the body is released.
#4. April - Diamond
Purity, trust, eternal love

The diamond, which symbolizes innocence and nobility, has long been a symbol of the sparkle of candles that illuminate the night of lovers and the brilliant light of the torch that the conqueror desires.
#5. May - Emerald
Happiness, luck

Emerald, considered the king of green stones, was the first ornament of many of the precious stones. It is believed that anyone wearing this jewelry will be faithful and honest, stop wasting and gradually gain wealth.
#6. June - Crystal white pearl
Health, longevity, wealth

It is known as the jewel of health, longevity, happiness, and wealth. There is also an anecdote that Cleopatra grinded and drank pearls to maintain beauty.
#7. July - Ruby
Affection, patience, dignity, enthusiasm

People believed that putting a ruby ​​ring in their left hand or a ruby ​​brooch on their left side would free their enemies and bring peace of mind.
#8. August - Peridot
Happiness and harmony of couple, wisdom

Peridot, believed to bring happiness to the couple and harmony with their friends, was once a stone sent to humans by the sun. People believed that if they had these stones in their bodies like amulets, they could escape from terrible darkness, fear, anxiety, worry and nightmares.

#9. September - Sapphire
Charity, sincerity, virtue, truth

It was believed to have the power to defend others' malicious eyes, and to protect the pledge of fidelity. It is believed that decorating it on the waist can enchant the reason.
#10. October - White opal
Joy, perseverance

It is a symbol of hope, loyalty, patience, good fortune, and in the East it was called a jewel with a true heart.
#11. November - Topaz
Friendship, hope

It symbolizes hope, innocence, fraternity. The ancients believed that having Topaz in their body would encourage courage to get rid of sadness and gain wisdom.
#12. December - Turquoise
Luck, success, prosperity

It symbolizes luck, success, prosperity, prosperity. Turquoise symbolizes infinite success and endless victory, and it has a stalwart elegance that is more than a mere symbolism.


- 12 genuine Swarovski crystal birthstone and black pencil
- Use high-quality matte black pencil (HBB) uniformly black to the inside of a pencil
- Not easily broken, soft and luxurious writing feel
- Ergonomic, eco-friendly design for easy grip
- Made with delicate handmade process by professional craftsmen
- Suitable for student, office, and design
- 12 kinds of birthstone are worth collecting
- Quality European case (380g of carbon paper used)

Will be delivered packed in luxury cases.
All wallpapers and ballpoint pens are packed in luxury cases and are good for gifts.
Will be delivered packed in luxury cases.
It is packed in high-grade case to provide quality and customer satisfaction service according to the quality.

Sw is the best product for a precious VIP gift.

- Depending on your PC specification and monitor settings and resolution, colors may look different from actual products.
- Imported material products can be sold out early.

How to Care and Preserve
- Please be careful not to get wet with the leather part. When wet, there is a risk of deformation when dried
  with direct sunlight or heat. please dry it in a well-ventilated shade or a soft cloth.
- All leather is dyed during processing, so if it comes in contact with moisture (rain, sweat, body temperature) for a long time
  and rubs, it will stain on clothes. This is a characteristic of the leather product and it is not a defect of the product,
  so be extra careful.
- Do not use general detergents for leather contamination. Use wax and leather exclusive cream to make the product last longer.
- When storing, keep it in a wallet with paper or a cloth so that it does not become disturbed.
  Avoid places with high temperature or high humidity.
- Avoid using it in greasy places.

- All Sw products are 100% hand-made.
- All Sw products have a product warranty and anti-fake hologram on each product.
  Please check them as soon as you receive the product.
- All Sw products are accompanied by a warranty card that demonstrates authenticity.


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Contact Payment Manager
  • Name : sung il ko
  • Tel : 82-025230119
  • Email : swdec@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
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Korea leather industry cooperative

Korea leather industry cooperative

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Korea Leather Industry Cooperative(KLIC) is established Feb.2015 which are gather by Leather craftmans in Amsadong and Cheonghodong in seoul. All of members have around 30years career of Wallet and Hand bag, Et cetra,. Most of members are relied on Large companies OEM. but time goes by those Quantity of orders are decreased. and it affect to all the members income which is less then part-time job. so members tried to think how to overcom of this situation. and this is solution that establishing KLIC KLIC goods quality is equal to MCM and LOUIS QUATORZE, because of all the member had expierence that OEM to those companies. but price of goods of KLIC are double time cheaper. It could make Cumstomer satisfied.
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  • Total Annual Revenue :
    1~2 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    5~10 people


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