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    Model FOOTREST
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    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    380 x 290 x 140mm
  • Color
    Grey and blue
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Human Bridge was founded in 2015 to develop and manufacture sports equipment.
The value we pursue is to improve the quality of life by providing machines and services that can help maintain human health and prevent disease. We are developing competitive new products and growing into a comprehensive healthcare equipment company.
In March 2017, we introduced a left foot stepper (foot pit) in Korea, and started selling it overseas online in the second half of 2017.



Model : FOOT-FIT (FF-100)
Component : Base, foothold, shaft, spring, rubber pad
Color : Grey and blue
Angle : -15 ~+22 degrees
Size : 380 x 290 x 140mm
Weight : 1.1KG
Product efficacy & How to use
- Improve blood circulation
- Exercise your legs unconsciously while you work
- Calf exercise equipment that gives same effect of walking even though you are sitting

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Average sitting time, 7.5 hours!
Are you really going to just keep sitting?
Do FOOT-FIT and send blood in the lower body to the heart!

People spend most of their time sitting!

People spend most of their time sitting!

Prevent diseases you get for sitting too long
Veins expand and expand - Lower limb varicose veins, Lower limb ulcers
Heart, pulmonary vascular clogging, deep vein thrombosis - economy syndrome
Cardiac hypertension, hypertension - angina, myocardial infarction
Blood circulation disorder insulin reduction - diabetes, obesity
Blood circulation disorder metabolic syndrome - hypertension, hyperlipidemia, colorectal cancer, breast cancer
Lack of blood supply to brain and heart - memory loss, dementia, depression
* Second heart to help circulation, calf muscles
* Increased varicose vein patient

Sitting step exercise paddle equipment FOOT-FIT
FOOT-FIT sends blood of the lower back to heart to family who spend most time sitting.
If you spend most time sitting, you should send blood from the lower limb to the heart.

If you spend most time sitting, you should send blood from the lower limb to the heart.
People who live for a long time have a lot of vascular diseases due to lack of exercise. FOOT-FIT sits on these people and allows them to work their ankle seizures unconsciously during work. Then the calf muscles pump blood into the heart, leading to the circulation of blood in the lower body to prevent blood vessel disease.

Why you need FOOT-FIT
- The worker who lacks exercise can put the FOOTFIT on his / her feet while resting and can make the blood circulation better by obtaining the same effect as walking with only light leg exercise.
- When a worker sitting over eight hours a day is busy and can hardly exercise, he or she can exercise leg work at the same time, which can help maintain health.
- It has a great effect on prevention of varicose veins common in long-standing or long-standing occupations.
When the calf muscle relaxes, it pushes the blood vessels and the blood goes up.

When the left and right separate pedals are alternately moved, the calf muscles repeatedly relax and contract, which helps to prevent vascular disease by acting as a pump to send the blood to the heart.

People who spend a long time sitting do not move the calf muscles, so the blood can not go to the heart and becomes clogged in the lower body. The calf acts as a pump to lift the blood that has gone down from our body back into the heart as a second heart.


- You can exercise for a long time with soft feeling of resilience so that you will not be disturbed when you work, study, watch TV, and relax.
- The pedal that puts up the foot has the anti-slippery projection, so it can be used in any situation, such as bare feet, socks or shoes.
- Soft, tone-down and blue-based color gives comfort wherever you use it including companies, schools and libraries.


Seesaw exercise
Allows an ankle seizure to be performed simultaneously with work while sitting. Relax and constrict calf muscles to pump blood from the lower body to the heart. It has an effect of preventing various vascular diseases.

Anti-slip rubber pads
Six rubber pads are installed on the bottom of the base to prevent slippage and use it with stability.

Major Uses
Office - Office workers
Home - housemaker, senior citizen
Public Places - Classrooms, Hospitals, Banks
Transportation - Airplane, train, bus
Library - Students


Additional Information
- This product should be used while sitting. Do not use it while standing up. The product may be damaged.
- Please use this product indoors, in the office, at home and at the library.
- When opening or using this product, you may be injured inadvertently. In particular, be careful when you are using it next to a child.

Let's send blood from lower limb to the heart!
Second heart to raise blood to the lower leg, calf muscles
What is varicose veins?
It is a disease in which the surface of the legs protrudes as if there is an earthworm, which are caused by abnormalities in the valve function in the leg (lower leg).
Generally, it occurs twice more frequently in women than in men. Describing the blood flow in the legs, the fresh, clean blood from the heart comes out as if there is an earthworm on the surface of the leg.
There is a valve in the blood vessels to prevent the blood from going to the heart back down. When this valve malfunctions, varicose veins develop. When an abnormality occurs in the valve, the blood flows backward, and the back flowing blood becomes the bottom of the leg. If this persists, the blood vessels are stretched excessively and lose their elasticity. To be precise, the veins between the thin fascia surrounding the leg muscles and the skin swell up. Consequently, the blood vessels are visible to the surface of the skin.

Improve low limb blood vessel
Purpose of FOOT FIT

Those who are busy working and spend a long sitting
Work and leg exercise can be done at the same time to help maintain health.
Those who lack time to excercise
When a worker who lacks exercise rests his / her foot on the FOOT-FIT during a rest and exercises his / her leg lightly, it helps the blood circulation like walking.
Can be used conveniently everywhere
Because it does not lift the knee, there is almost no movement, and there is no noise, so it can be used in conference rooms or training rooms where there are many people.

Please read the below before using it!

- Before using the product, be sure to read the instruction manual enclosed with the product.
- Do not apply severe impact on the product.
- Please use it on a flat floor.
- This product is not a medical device.




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Human Bridge

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Human Bridge is a Korean company founded in 2015 to develop and manufacture health equipment. The value that the company pursues is to improve the quality of life by providing machines and services that can help people maintain their healthand help prevent disease. In addition, we will developcompetitive new products and grow into a company specialized in manufacturing comprehensive healthcare equipment.
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  • Leg workout which can be done unconsciously while working, Sitting and stepper FOOT-FIT
  • Footrest & Sitting stepper to improve leg blood circulation

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