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AIR SHOT Omni Air Purifier Desktop Air Purifier Filter

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  • Brand
    Model Omni Air Purifier
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    120mm x 120mm
  • Weight
  • Material
  • Package Includes
    Main body of German Air Shot + USB power connection cable + 3M double-sided tape + Use Manual
  • Function
    Air Purifier
  • Color

ACRO-SOLUTION is a company here in Korea and all members are from Seoul Semiconductor/Seoul Viosys, the gloabl top 4 LED/UV LED manufacturer. Our main business is Acrich(AC LED) module for various lighting applications and we started UV LED module & finished product from 2017. Air shot, a personal air purifier is our first UV LED finished product and now it is being sold on various home shopping and on-line markets here in Korea.
Air shot is a PCO based personal air purifier using eco-friendly UV LED and an edible pigment called TiO2 by the support of a government agency. Now it is being sold on major Korean home shopping and on-line market. Also, we just started to export this personal air purifier to some countries like EU, HK, Jordan, etc. Unlike the conventional air purifier PCO based Air shot decomposes the pollutants in the air into harmless H2O and CO2. Also, there is no need of filter maintenace as both TiO2 and nano filters can be easily regenerated. Thanks to long lasting UV LED and german brand axial fan which have 40,000 hours, Air shot can be used up to 10 years based on 10 hour driving per day.


Omni Air purifier

EAN 8809654930006

1. Black
2. White
3. Blue
4. Pink

Size : 120mm x 120mm
Weight : 300g
Power consumption : 3.5W
Rated voltage : 5V
Material : PC/ABS
Product composition : Main body of German Air Shot + USB power connection cable + 3M double-sided tape + Use Manual
New concept in air purifiers that takes care of all spaces in which your family lives
Deodorization / disinfection / air purificatio

Test on removal of carcinogenic substance
- After having injected formaldehyde and aldehyde acetate, which are carcinogenic substances, with initial concentration of 10.77ppm and 12.25ppm, respectively, it was confirmed that 96.6% and 98.3% of these substances, respectively, were removed within 2 hours of operation of Air Shot!

Test on efficiency of collecting ultrafine dust
Test on the collection of yellow dust and fine dust confirmed collection rate of 90.1% through maximization of the collection efficiency due to the broad non-surface area of the nano-fiber layer, which is in multilayered structure! (Air Shot nano-filter – oxidation degradation by anti-bacterial processing material)

UV LED disinfection test
When bacteriophage, which is a parasitic virus thriving in bacteria and harmless to human body, is floated in 60㎡ chamber and if more than 60% is removed within 30 minutes, it can be sold in Korea by labeling it as “sterilizer.”

Test on removal of foul odor substance
2 major substances inducing foul odor not detected!
After having injected ammonia and acetic acid, which are representative foul odor substances, with initial concentration of 12.1ppm and 9.01ppm, respectively, they were completely removed within 1 hour of operation of Air Shot, which was confirmed through non-detection of these substances thereafter

UV LED deodorization test
It is possible to attach CA6 mark and sell as air purifier in Korea only if it is capable of removing more than 60% of VOC, which is a carbon hydride compound that generates foul odor or ozone by being evaporated into the atmosphere.

New concept in air purifier in the format of disintegrating harmful substances in the air by using mercury-free UV LED!
UV LED + TiO2opticalcatalyst+Nanofilter
It is a new concept in air purifier that can enables you to enjoy daily life under healthy and pleasant environment by effectively removing harmful substances and foul odor within enclosed spaces such as various places in home including living room, office and automobile through the independent technological capabilities of Acro Solution.

Why Air Shot for air purifier?

Unique special air purification format of German Air Shot!
OH Radical purification format

What is OH radical?
It has oxidation rate that is 2,000 and 180 times faster than ozone and UV light of the sun, respectively, and it is an environment-friendly natural substance that disintegrates pollutants into water and carbon dioxide, which are harmless to human body, through its outstanding disinfection and oxidative capabilities. Due to this characteristic, Korea is putting in efforts for the basic research and development necessary in disintegration and removal for purification of atmosphere and waste water treatment as a national research project. As a representative example of utilization, it is providing assistance in hygienically managing all the fixtures and environment used by patients by being used in disinfection, sterilization and washing as a part of hygienic management at hospitals as well as removal of foul odor and disinfection as well as improvement of water quality in waste and foul water treatment plants.


When UV LED is irradiated onto the optical catalyst, electron with (-) charge and electric hole with (+) charge is generated on the TiO2 surface optical

This electric hole generates OH radical by reacting with water molecule while the electron generates oxygen and superoxide anion.

OH radical, which is a powerful oxidation substance, generated in this manner breaks up the bindings in the molecular structure and recombines the disintegrated carbon and hydrogen atoms to turn them into water and carbon dioxide that are harmless to the human body.

Structure of purification action of OH radical
Various harmful substances in the polluted air are disintegrated into water and carbon dioxide through ‘optical catalytic reaction’ and only purified air will be discharged.

NO OIT! / NO Ozone!
New concept in air purifier in the format of disintegrating pollutants in the air and harmful substances discharged from new houses and cars by using mercury-free UV LED and optical catalyst rather than the existing anti-bacterial filer or anionic format!

Purify the air in your surrounding through the use of auxiliary battery!
- It enables activities under clean environment by conveniently purify air in personal spaces such as camping ground, office, workspace and library, etc., in the formation of USB port connection format for which the supply of power is possible by using ordinary auxiliary batter sold in the market!

Conveniently even in the car, Air Shot!
At the time of driving, there is increased risk of accident due to drowsiness arising from lack of oxygen because of the polluted air in and out of the car. It is an essential item at the time of driving in cities and long distance travel outside the cities.

No more worries for electrical charges! Economic ultra-power saving type German Air Shot!
- With the power consumption even lower than that of LED light bulb at 3.5W, it is an ultra-power saving type air purifier that costs less than approximately $1 (per month) for electricity even if used continuously throughout the month!

Quiet and pleasant environment! Low-noise design (less than 20db)
- German Air Shot is operated in the 2-staged sleep mode and power mode. The noise level of the device is less than 20db, which is quieter than library through the use of dedicated fan made in Germany, thereby generating quiet and pleasant environment.

Safety management components and materials used in German Air Shot have received not only KC Certification in Korea but also the UL Certification, which is the safety regulation of USA.

Technological capabilities of German Air Shot acknowledged by government authority!
- It is a unique technology of Acro Solution German Air Shot of Acro Solution capable of disinfecting and purifying the ultrafine dust (PM1.5) and harmful substances in the air (VOCs, foul odor and bacteria) simultaneously.
Ultrafine dust collection efficiency test / Carcinogenic substance removal test / Foul odor inducing substance removal test
Even the safety has been definitively tested!
Trustworthy and reliable German Air Shot that passed all the KC supplier suitability experiment and electromagnetic wave suitability experiment by government authority




This supplier supports payments for offline orders
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  • WK
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  • Telegraphic Transfer : T/T
Contact Payment Manager
  • Name : Sung Heon Kim
  • Tel : 82-07042130720
  • Email : victor@acro-solution.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 64 Yeonsuwon-ro Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do (15432)
  • The person in charge

    Sang Hwan Byun
  • Telephone

  • Fax

  • Address

    64 Yeonsuwon-ro Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do (15432)
Our company has grown steadily as an LED product specialist founded in 2015. It is made up of experts who have accumulated years of experience from LED manufacturing and the leading company, Seoul Semiconductor, and develops and produces high-quality products based on their trust with customers. In particular, we are proud of our quick response with a system that enables us to design and mass-produce AC LED and UV products. I will do my best to be a top runner based on trust and confidence. Thank you. German Airshot Air Cleaner Permanent Filter Withour replacement !! Air purifier & Block Haze Deodorization & sterilization OH radical cleaning + Photocatalytic+UV LED method USB Power Connection Available in cars Country of Origin : South Korea Eco-friendly personal air purifier No need of filter change UV LED & TiO2 photo-catalyst Remove VOCs, Odour, Bacteria and Virus OH Radical, strong but harmless oxidant Eco-friendly personal air purifier No need of filter change UV LED & TiO2 photo-catalyst Remove VOCs, Odour, Bacteria and Virus OH Radical, strong but harmless oxidant
  • Business Type :
  • Main Product :
    Small Air Purifier
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    6 million to 10 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    5~10 people



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