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Eone Diagnomics Genome Center

G&I Solution Sun Shield UV Rays Heat Protection Window Tint Coating, Translucent

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  • Brand
    Eone Diagnomics Genome Center
    Model G&I Solution Sun Shield UV Rays
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    2.8 x 13.4 x 7.1 inches (240ml)
  • Features
    for windows of 6.6 ft X 9.8 ft = 64.68 ft²
  • Style
    Translucent / Opaque
  • Weight
    1.32 pounds
  • Gender
    All gender
Product name     G&I Solution Sun Shield UV Rays Heat Protection Window Tint Coating, Translucent
Weight     1.32 pounds
Capacity     240ml, enough for windows of 6.6 ft X 9.8 ft = 64.68 ft²

    How to Use
    Simply apply Liquid Type of Sun Shield to any windows with a roller and keep your room or office
   cool in summer and warm in winter. It also blocks harmful UV rays by 99%. Sun Shield is also great
   for home window decoration and prevents windows from shattering.
    About Product

       1. 2 Types : Translucent / Opaque
       2. Sun shield : UV block 98%, IR block 65%, VIS transmitt. 59%, Translucency, Shading coef. 0.66

       3. Sun shield white : UV block 99%, IR block 92%, VIS transmitt. 31%, Opaque, Shading coef. 0.49

       4. Average reduction of cooling energy cost : 30%~40% (Reduction USD30~40 reduction monthly)

       5. Easy to apply as similar as paint covering / Can keep performance for a year ~ 2 years / Easy to 
           removal when need to correct or removal through water spraying without damage on the window.
       6. Excellent solar control with small amount. Total solar control amount 50% / Applicable area : 
           8sqm(square meter)/260ml

    To remove Sun Shield
       Keep away from direct sunlight and humidity.
    Product dimentions
       Item Weight: 1.32 pounds
       Product Dimensions: 2.8 x 13.4 x 7.1 inches

         1. Determine the area to be covered by Sun Shield 
         2. Mark the area using a masking tape to protect surfaces that do not need coverage 
         3. Prepare Sun Shield in a plastic tray 
         4. Soak a roller with the solution, removing any residue on the empty side of the roller 
         5. Evenly apply the solution onto the marked area 
         6. Remove the masking tape immediately after applying the solution. The product may be tarnished
             if the tape is removed while the solution begins to harden. 
         7. The solution will take up to 20 minutes to dry and become transparent


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