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Holla Banana

O-ing Tower

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  • Brand
    Holla Banana
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    56X56X168mm (1.1kg)
  • age-appropriate
    18 years and up
  • Package Includes
    54 wooden blocks + Guide Box + Package Box
[Product Description]
· Love & Naughty Stacking Tower Wooden Blocks Funny Couple Game for Adults
  - 54 Wooden Blocks with Truth or Dare Questions and Challenges
  - This is a game for couples who want to spend romantic time together and get to know each other better!
  - Play this love & naughty board game and make a night filled with fun, romance and laughter!
· THIS TOWER GAME INCLUDES - Truth or Dare questions and tasks/challenges that your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband
  must answer or perform are printed on each 54 wooden blocks.
  - Get to know each other better with the questions!
  - 1) When do you get horny the most?
  - 2) What do you think about the size?
  - 3) Give partner's precious part a nickname.
  - Make new memories with the exciting challenges!
  - 1) Massage lover’s hip. 2) Give your partner *** covering his/her eyes.
  - 3) Make your partner excited using your hands and feet.
  - This can be played by new couples who have just begun dating, or even long-time married couples.
  - This dating game is the best novelty gift for anniversary, birthday or Valentine day for your friends or loved ones.
[Product Features]
· Best couple game in the world!
  - It is a special wood block game developed for couple’s romantic love life and hotter night. 
  - Whether you just started a relationship or have been dating for a long time, this Love & Naughty table game
    might be just what you are looking for!
  - The board game includes 54 wood blocks with 54 different questions & challenges about Love & Naughties printed on.
  - As you play this game, you will learn more about each other.
· Don’t you want to make your bond stronger with your partner?
· Give O-ing Tower as a special novelty gift to your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband or friends!
· How to use
  - 1. Build a wooden block.
  - 2. Set penalties before the game starts. (In case you cannot answer the question or perform challenges, or you dropped the wooden block)
       (Examples: drinking a glass of wine, bottoms up, write one’s name with his or her hip)
  - 3. Draw a wooden block.
  - 4. Answering questions or performing challenges written on the block.
  - 5. The person who breaks down the wooden block performs the penalty.
· Recommend to
  - 1) People who want to know more about lovers
  - 2) People who want to get closer with their lover
  - 3) People who want to have a more fun date with their lover


[Product specification]
· Board game that can improve 'relationship' through 'communication' couples
· Specification
  - 1. Material: Wood (Package: Paper)
  - 2. Size: 8cm X 8cm X 29cm
  - 3. Composition: 27 QUESTIONS + 27 MISSION CHALLENGES
       (Get to know each other better with the questions! And make new memories with the exciting challenges!) 
· Precautions
  - 1. Do not put a block in your mouth or swallow it.
  - 2. Do not put the blocks near fire.
  - 3. Be cautious when you touch the edge of the blocks as they can be sharp.
  - 4. Do not throw blocks at people.
  - 5. Please reach an agreement with your partner first before performing a penalty.

O-ing Tower


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