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Dongjin MT

Korean Hand Acupuncture

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    Dongjin MT
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    Republic of Korea
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    15cm X 5cm
MS Korea User Guide

* Magnetic therapy refers to treating magnetic fields, or magnetic forces, by acting on the hard pulse and meridian point used in endermic therapy. In other words, it is a treatment that penetrates lines of magnetic force into the body. The use of magnets for human diseases is due to the following reasons. In humans, there is a lot of hemoglobin, which is the main ingredient of iron that is a strong magnetic entity, so if you put a magnet close to the body, it will vitalize the activity of iron, which is, and increase its induction. Iron in the body acts as a metabolic function that combines oxygen and nutrients to transport them to each cell tissue and exchange body wastes and carbon dioxide, so the smoothness of this communication is a shortcut to disease treatment. It is the use of a type of physical therapy or meridian point in painless ways. Magnetic therapy is no different from bedside treatment's haemostasis acupuncture point. The most basic and most commonly used method for clinching a magnet is to attach it directly to the surface of the body. This is a therapy method that magnets is on the compressive pain or reaction site for a certain amount of time. Magnetic therapy is a method of placing a magnet on reaction site and putting a magnetic stripe into the body, so it is a good idea for the patient to be treated painlessly.
*If a person is stimulated for one minute with a red part (N pole) of MS Korea for inflamed areas and strained and hardened areas, swelling, bruising, or irritation of the affected area, it circulates red blood cells in the blood, thereby reducing the effects of pain and relieving the circulation of the pain and improving the circulation of the blood.
*On the other hand, itching, numbness, or cold spots are vulnerable, so attaching black parts (S-poles) of MS korea to acupuncture points has a healing effect.
If you want to treat the following diseases, repeat 3-5 times for 1 minute with red part (N pole) of MS korea in acupuncture points or acupuncture points.
Effective diseases to treat
* Bronchial - Tien-Tu, Tan-Zhong,  Fei-shu, bronchial part, upper sternal
* Coronary artery disease, angina - Nei-guan, Tan-zhong, Xin-shu, heart region
* High blood pressure - grain, foot samri, white hoe
* Circulatory disorders, stroke, and involuntary
 Upper limbs - Jian-yu, Qu-chi, He-gu, Wai-guan, Show-san-li
 Lower limbs - Hwan-do, Poong-si, Yang-neungcheon, Hyun-jong, Jok-ssam-ni
* Gastritis - Nei-guan, Jok-ssam-ni, Zhong-wan
* Enteritis - Shen-guan, Tien-shu, Jokssamni
* Hepatitis - Gan-shu, Zhang-men, Ji-men, Gangutonbu
* Jaw Joints - Cheong-gung, Ye-pung, Hab-gok
* Spine joint - , Yin-men, Wei-chjun, labial groove
* Shoulder joints - Jian-yu, Jian-liao, Gönning, Tien-zong, Zhong-chu (, Yang-ling-quan
* Elbow joint - Gok-gi, Cheon-jung, Hab-gok
* Lumbar joint, Sacroiliac joint - Under the 17th spine, tenderness, stomach stomach
* Hip - Hwan-do, Geo-ryo, Yang-neung-cheon, Hyun-jong
* Knee - Hak-jeong, Yang-gu, Dok-bi, Yang-neung-cheon, Eum-neung-cheon
* Ankle joint - Jie-xi, Qiu-xu, Tai-xi, Yang-jiao, Jiao-xin
* Nervous Insomnia, Headache - Sam-yeum-gyo, Yin-dang
* Neural headaches - Feng-chi, Tai-yang, Ying-xiang, Yin-tang
* Sciatic nerve pain - hwan-do, Sin-yu, Poong-si, Eun-mun, Wei-chjun, Yang-Neung-cheon, As-si-hyul
* Diabetes - Jok-ssam-ni, pancreatic region
Trigeminal neuralgia - Feng-chi, Tai-yang, Ying-xiang, Yin-tang
* Toothache - He-gu, Jia-che, Xia-guan, sore spot
Contact person : Anna Nam/manager
Tel. : +82-7738-1993(whatsapp)
E-mail : market@eurastech.com


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