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Server Tool (Coffee)

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[Product Dex-scription]
As the high-end premium brand claiming to be the premium dining art objet, DUTCH LAB believes in the coffee should be served as one perfect service item.
This belief led to the creation of DUTCH LAB server tools and the basic tool is DUTCH LAB Froid.
The service of dutch coffee that is brewed cold and gives the best taste when served cold was designed to be one of the proud DUTCH LAB high-end luxury art objet.
The coldness has been visualized from the edge of the objet. Even the ice used to keep the cold temperature becomes one masterpiece on DUTCH LAB Froid.
Many believes that dutch coffee should be served cold as it is brewed cold while DUTCH LAB thought differently.
Espresso, brewed in hot temperature is served hot and cold, then so should dutch coffee, brewed in cold temperature should also be served hot and cold.
After experiments to warm up the dutch coffee without compromising its unique aroma and flavor, DUTCH LAB Bain Marie was beautifully designed to be one of the DUTCH
LAB’s high-end luxury coffee art objet using smooth curves that associates the warm temperature.
[Product Specifications]
In steampunk style, where DUTCH LAB objet designs are inspired from, engine is a very important aspect.
The engineering impression from the word ‘nitrogen’ met the steampunk style to create another performance art objet that associates with V8 engine.
DUTCH LAB Nitrogen objet presents the experience of adrenalin rush and the roar of engine from its looks.
The scene of the cascade of nitrogen infused coffee fall into the exclusive glass practiced next to the objet completes the visual performance of DUTCH LAB Nitrogen.

Server Tool


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    31-34 World Cup-ro 3-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul (04025)
Modern days, coffee means more than just a drink. It is a symbol of socializing, composure and passion. It is also another way to express the culture and life of certain region. Traditionally in Arab culture, coffee is the symbol of hospitality, sophistication and generosity as well as wealth. Back in 1600s, sailors of Netherlands who spread coffee to the world originated a coffee brewing method using cold water and it has been succeeded until nowadays. This brewing method represented with cold water and long hours of brewing inspired the designers to recreation. With the hands of superb master craftsman, premium dining objet brand DUTCH LAB which embraces all traditional symbols of coffee came to life. Brewing over long hours, one of the distinctive feature of cold drip method symbolizes sincere hospitality. Sophisticated and yet noble design of DUTCH LAB expresses the selective discrimination and dignity of the owner. Rich flavor and fuller aroma only to be found in cold drip coffee which can be shared up to 3L shows the affluence and generosity of the DUTCH LAB user. DUTCH LAB objet created in the harmony and balance of classic and fantasy sublimates the coffee brewing process into an art performance. Every moment you spend inside the space inspired by the DUTCH LAB performance with DUTCH LAB objet becomes a new symbol and offers an experience to share the values. [Dutch Lab] Dutch Lab is a high-class design brand for coffee goods, launched by Design Rangers in 2012. Dutch Lab products are artistic, practical, substantial and sleek. The products come to life only after particular and profound verification by Barista. Coffee tools of Dutch Lab are patented in Korea as well as many other countries over the world. Its unchallenged style is recognized in many different exhibitions around the world. [CLIPEN] CLIPEN is a design pen that slide-clip easily on paper or notes. You can use it as a bookmark. It won the world’s three design awards. And one more, Asia Design Award as well! It comes in 17 different body colors.
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    Dutch coffee tools, office tool
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