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TEE 1.74 ASP

TEE 1.74 ASP LENS – 1.74 index 174Resin monomer Lens ASP design

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    100 ea
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    Customization ,  Sample Order

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  • Brand
    TEE 1.74 ASP
    Model TEE 1.74 ASP
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    75mm, 70mm
  • Function
    For vision correction, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism
  • Material
    1.74 Resin
  • Package Includes
    Prima high quality optical lens

‘Optical lens lab and supplier in Korea – laboratoire de lentille optique en Corée’

TEE 1.74 Prima thinnest lens, 174MR Resin monomer lens with best thickness and comfortable vision.

Let we introduce our 1.74ASP super high quality optical lens.

It is high quality optical lens made by 174MR resin monomer and this 174MR resin lens offer best thickness compared with other index lenses with very comfortable vision. For the best edge thickness of the frame, it is very good and suitable to edge pretty thin frame.

         < Edge thickness data chart >

1.74ASP Edge Thickness data chart
1.74ASP Edge Thickness data with other index  <measured in mm>

We have Aspherical Design lens. It mean, this ASP design protect distortion from frame side and it is better for your comfortable vision.

The coating we have NC(no-coatng), HC(Hard-coating), T/HC(Tintable Hard coating), HMC(Hard multi coating) and Prima Hydro coating all. The basic coating is Prima Hydro coating AR Green.

The diameter is 75mm(-), 70mm(-).

Normally, it is not easy to process ‘color-tint’ for this 1.74 index lens but we can process ‘color tint’ with various color.

We could offer blue-cut monomer with UV420 and UV400 to product UV(Ultraviolet).

We would like to inform you like below that one more time,

About 1.74 ASP Lens,

  • 1.74 Super high index lens
  • Supreme thin lens, Clear and pure vision
  • High quality 174 MR Resin monomer lens can make ultimate thin edge for the frame.
  • Ultimate Super Thin lens with light ASP design
  • We can process ‘color tint’ for 1.74 ASP lens as well
  • UV400, UV420 Blue-cut lens, UV(ultraviolet) rays cut lens
  • Lighter and Good edge thickness
  • ASP design is better for your vision, aspherical surface design
  • It is suitable for the high myopia customer(a nearsighted customer), high hyperopia(a long-sighted customer) and Astigmatic customer as well.
  • In compared with other index lens the thickness, our TEE 1.74 ASP offer thinnes edge. It mean, it is very good and suitable for pretty frame.

< Specification >

  • INDEX                     1.74 ASP MR Resin Lens
  • ABBE VALUE            32
  • Design                   Aspherical Design Lens
  • SP.GR                     1.47
  • Meterial                 Ultimate Super high 174 MR resin(urethane resin)
  • Diameter               75mm, 70mm
  • Coating                  NC, HC, THC, HMC/EMI, HYDRO
  • Basic                      Tee Prima Hydro coating with Green AR EMI


  • CE, ISO 


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  • Name : Joshua Kang
  • Tel : 82-0325441386
  • Email : info@teelens.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 9 Gyesansae-ro 65beon-gil (21060)
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  • Name : KANG,Joshua
  • Tel : 82-032-544-1386


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    9 Gyesansae-ro 65beon-gil, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon (21060)
TEELENS Optical, We are the manufacture and supplier in Korea. We are producing and supplying A grade quality optical lens over 15years. •A grade quality lens from monomer polymerzation to the coating processing. •Customized coating system for various marketing for the customer. •Fast and exact processing. •We support you and offer consulting for better marketing of yours •Newest lens, Various type lens for your better market - Producing and supplying Stock lens - Freefrom progressive finished lens RX(Prescription)lens – Single Vision(mono vision) 1.49 CR39, 1.56, 1.61MR8, 1.67ASP, 1.74ASP
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  • Main Product :
    Ophthalmic Lens, Optical Lens
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  • Total Employees :
    5~10 people


  • CE ISO 
  • CE, FDA, ISO 
  • CE, ISO 


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