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Ecoball (Thermoplastic Polyurehthane)

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  • Brand
    COSS Co.,Ltd
    Model Ecoball
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
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    15 color (red, dark brown, light brown, orange, yellow, brown, pink green, light green etc.)
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    It solves the problems of planting and groundwater depletion with excellent water drainage.
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[Product Features]
· Healthy
TPU ecoball chip solves environmental and hygiene problems with 100% single material,
As it is an eco-ball type, environmental and air pollution do not occur even when it is separated.
It is an embossed three-dimensional surface constructed of thermoplastic polyurethane eco-ball
which is non-toxic and harmless to human body because it does not smell in summer and has excellent resistance to human oil when it comes in direct contact with human body.
It is a health care-friendly packaging method that can be walked barefoot.
· Safe
Excellent elasticity reduces lightness and fatigue.
Comfortable walking and good shock absorption prevents accidents.
· Economical
It is a high quality premium product, and since TPU Ecoball chip is manufactured and used directly, product consistency is maintained.
Excellent durability and abrasion resistance, the color of the ecoball chip itself remains alive even when worn.
Semi-permanent and easy to maintain
Excellent adhesion between TPU chips enables long-term quality maintenance and easy construction
The thickness can be adjusted freely.
· Eco-friendly packaging and beautiful
We create a pleasant play environment with eco-friendly materials in harmony with the surrounding environment.
A variety of colors and patterns to help children's emotions. tpu Construction case image
· Characteristics of Elastic Packaging Materials
  - It has excellent shock absorption and low fatigue and excellent stability.
  - Easy to select color and adjust thickness.
  - Excellent effect of shortening the air and reducing the cost of civil works.
  - Durable and excellent wear resistance.
  - Eco-friendly material that does not contain heavy metal materials.
  - It solves the problems of planting and groundwater depletion with excellent water drainage.
  - Highly elastic new material with excellent durability.
  - Even thickness, not affected by humidity or temperature.
  - Beautiful colors, various patterns and paintings are available.
  - By recycling resources, it maximizes its utility value and prevents environmental pollution.
  - Winter snow melts quickly to prevent slipping accidents.
  - Partial repair is easy and construction cost is reduced
[Product Specification]
- color : red, dark brown, light brown, orange, yellow, brown, pink green, light green, purple, blue, light blue, gray, black, ivory
[Company profile]
"The more you apply, the more beautiful the cosmetics"
It is a cosmetic brand for true skin health that brings out the natural beauty of the skin and pursues the higher quality skin in the sense that the shape of the more beautiful.
HEALTH COSMETIC is a cosmeceutical brand for healthy beauty of skin by introducing health concept to cosmetics with motto.
With a motto of HEALTHCOSMETIC, we launched the Cosmeceutical brand for the healthy beauty of skinby introducing the concept of health to cosmetics.
We have worked hard to develop products that can present pure but healthy beauty to the users through natural ingredientsobtained from clean nature.
We'll do our best to make a brand that can awaken the power of skin itself and can fill it with vitality and beauty.

Ecoball (Thermoplastic Polyurehthane)


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We are a chemical company that specializes in research and development and produce eco-friendly products. In particular, polyurethane is used as a raw material to produce various products. Since 2015, we have been exporting a lot to China, Japan, etc. Our products have a competitive edge in price and quality. Our company has excellent R&D staff, we can actively suggest solutions in any enquiries. Welcome to all your questions. Thank you.
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