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e-Outboard Series

90hp Electric Outboard System

  • Payment
    L/C(sight) , T/T
  • MOQ
    1 Set
  • Supply Ability
    20 Set per Month
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  • Country of sale
    Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa
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      Depend on quantity


  • Brand
    e-Outboard Series
    Model O-90
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
  • Function
    an electric-powered outboard for ships
  • Color
  • Features
    runs by electricity
  • Package Includes
    Motor, Controller
  • Gender
Experience a New World with e-Outboard Series!
For those who desire more active recreational experiences, e-Outboard is for you. This higher-performing e-Outboard will bring satisfaction to you.
For those who desire a more active recreational experience.
- LGM promises high satisfaction to the customers by providing the e-Outboard that can be applied to small boats to 5ton fishing boats. Become a front-runner as an environmentalist with LGM e-Outboard.
LGM electric propulsion system is a completely integrated high-power system that provides efficient, clean, and convenient mobility on water.
- Energy is efficiently stored and ready for use.
- The proven reliable power train delivers emission-free, quiet and powerful propulsion.

When there is any abnormality of battery while underwater or on water or if any accident occurs, CBS automatically sends emergency signals for help to enable quick response and rescue.
* Fishing Boat
* Leisure Boat
* Special Boat (Lifeboat, Skiff boat, etc.)
Specifications of 90hp Electric Outboard System:
○ Max / Continuous Power (kW) : 110 / 65
○ Max / Continuous Torque (N·m) : 255 / 105
○ Operational Speed (rpm) : 0-10,250
○ Operating Battery Voltage (Vdc) : 345.6
○ Efficiency at Optimal Operation (%) : 92
○ Communication : CAN2.0b
○ Motor Weight (kg) : 37.5
○ Controller Weight (kg) : 12.2
Aside from O-8 (90hp Electric Outboard System), we also have O-25, O-40, O-110 and other e-Outboard models to meet your needs.
Check out our website at http://lgmarines.com/ for more variety of products.



This supplier supports payments for offline orders
  • Letter of Credit : L/C(sight)
  • Telegraphic Transfer : T/T
Contact Payment Manager
  • Name : Bo Bae Eun
  • Tel : 82-7044038280
  • Email : bbeun@lgmarines.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 228-50 Saneop-ro 155beon-gil Gwonseon-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do (16648)
LGM Co., Ltd.

LGM Co., Ltd.

  • The person in charge

    Jun Hee Won
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    228-50 Saneop-ro 155beon-gil Gwonseon-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do (16648)
LGM Co., Ltd. Is a pioneer of developing a unique electric high-power engine for sail, fishing, and power boats and yachts. LGM has overcome many of the challenges facing electric engines with innovative technologies. The biggest disadvantage of electric boats is that they are constantly undergoing surface resistance during operation unlike electric cars. This disadvantage can be solved with LGM's Cartridge Battery System. Unlike the fixed type battery pack mounted on a general electric ship, batteries have been manufactured in cartridges to address distance and long-term charging issues. If you're running out of battery and you're in a situation where you have to recharge for a long time, try LGM's Cartridge Battery System. Replace the Cartridge Battery Module quickly and easily. LGM is able to supply the world's first environment friendly electric boats with its innovative technology. There are many companies that make electric cars all over the world, but few companies make electric boats. The main reason is that you can not operate for a long time. The most important issues in electric boats are the operating distance and charging time. Because of this, LGM is the only company in the world capable of producing high horsepower electric boat engines. Without these core technologies, nobody can sell safe, high-output electric engines. Currently, LGM finished the developments and tests of various electric boat power systems from 30HP to 660HP(dual)HP which can make 32 feet power boat make speed up to 40 knots (approx. 46miles/Hour). For more information about LGM Co., Ltd., please visit: www.lgmarines.com
  • Business Type :
  • Main Product :
    Electric Outboard, Electric Inboard, Regeneration Electric Saildrive, Extreme Battery Powerpack
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    2~3 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    11~50 people



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LGM Co., Ltd. Seller's Store
  • Response Level
      41% ~ 50%
  • Supplier Level
      1~5 billion (KRW)
  • Transaction Level
      less than 5
  • Safety LGM e-Inboard (Inboard, Boat Management Unit, Active Display Unit, Battery Pack)
  • Electric propulsion system Electric Sailing operated by electric (Base: White, Optional: Black Blue)
  • Electric propulsion system Electric Inboard (Base: White, Optional: Black Blue) 330HP/250kW

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