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GRIDOT ALPHABET-DOT Pixel Art Block Educational for Kids Learn-Art Toy for Toddler

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    L/C(sight) , O/A , OT , T/T
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    1 ea
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    1 ea per One-Time
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  • Brand
    Kids eduTV
    Model KT-01
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    275mm x 195mm
  • Package Includes
    Alphabet Dot Package + Dots (900PCS) + Design Cards (26 kinds of alphabets and images) + Grid x 1
  • Function
    Learn-Art Toy for Toddler
  • Features
    Pixel Art Block
  • Weight
  • Style
    12 Colors of DOT
  • Condition
  • Gender
  • age-appropriate


[About the Product]
[GRID 275mm x 195mm]: Grid is like a sketchbook that kids can express whatever they want. It has 408 of holes and it is the result of the research to enhance attention from kids.
[12 Colors of DOT]: It has 12 colors of dots which are selected from color specialists. Dots are soft material which helps to develop kin motor of kids and it is made of non-toxic safe material.
[26 Kinds of Design Card]: You can enjoy 26 kinds of design card which has each level of difficulty to improve perceptivity. You can display the completed grid after the play.

[Product Description]
[How to Play]
1. Check the design of ‘Alphabet D’ on the alphabet text design card.
2. Put DOTs on the grid checking the alphabet text design card. Complete ‘Alphabet D’.
3. Check the design of ‘Duck’ which is representative image of “Alphabet D’.
4. Add DOTs on the completed grid of ‘Alphabet D’ to make the design of Duck completed.
[Effects of Development]
-Improving Creativity
-Improving Perceptivity
-Improving Concentration
-Improving Thinking Skills
-Developing Fine Motor
-Improving Memory
[Component of Product]: Alphabet Dot Package + Dots (900PCS) + Design Cards (26 kinds of alphabets and images) + Grid x 1
[Design Card]: 26 kinds of Alphabet Text Design + 26 kinds of the Representative Images of each alphabet
- It is not allowed for under 3 years old to play since it has small parts.
- Recommended to play it with a guardian all the time since there is a possibility of unexpected accident.
- After play, please keep it out of kid’s reach who is under 3 years old.
- Never put the small part in the mouth or swallow it since there is a possibility of suffocation.
- Do not expose it too long to direct sunlight.


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  • Name : Sun Ok Han
  • Tel : 010-8335-1026
  • Email : kidsedutv@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 100 Noryangjin-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul (06928)
Kids eduTV
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    Myung Gu Jeon
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    100 Noryangjin-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul (06928)
Welcome to the official channel of Kids eduTV. Kids eduTV is a healthy, educational YouTube channel where parents can choose for their children with peace of mind. Enjoy a variety of useful content for your children! Kids eduTV, a combination of CTS Christian TV and IPTV's educational broadcasting 'eduTV'. YouTube Channel, a one-person program dedicated to infant education, so that mothers can choose with confidence! Watch our little boy YouTube! Watch Kids eduTV for healthy and fun content for kids.
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