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LOVAT YOWKA GHILLIE SUIT for Perfect Camouflage white

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    DOES NOT SHED: Unlike cheap Chinese made product, this suit does not shed its fabric, even if the st
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    PATENTED PRODUCT: Manufacturing process and design are patented under patent number 10-1888128. Made


Product name LOVAT YOWKA GHILLIE SUIT for Perfect Camouflage white
size M/L size
Color white
Dex-scription Gilie suit. A camouflage suit that covers patches or surrounding natural x-objects to assimilate into the surrounding environment. It is also called a sniper's camouflage suit. It is also a necessary tool for what we commonly consider "low-water" except for designated shooters and police snipers. The large camouflage membrane attached to the vehicle is called the MCS.
While the pronunciation of suit in the English language is shifting to "suit," the title has been set as "gilly suit" in respect of the fact that the Korean foreign language writing regulation still stipulates reading it as "suit," and the title is unified within the x-document as well. See the suit x-documentation for pronunciation.
Patterns vary according to natural environment and are unexpectedly familiar as they have been introduced to various media such as movies and games. Due to its excellent cover-up effects, it is very difficult to identify them with the eyes in forests and jungles, and even thermal imaging equipment is not clear.
Because the camouflage net itself has a low thermal conductivity and x-layers, the heat on the outside is very small or weak, so the thermal equipment is said to be similar to the movement of the heat-heated wood, but there are naturally differences in type and material, and most of all, the heat does not dissipate itself, so it is extremely hot when worn So I carry them around in my bag or separate storage compartment. Most people wear it when they reach the area of operation.
As described above, the interior is simply hell in the summer because several fabric x-layers, which still have a low heat conductivity, cover the entire body. It is especially painful to snipers who have to cover up hours, a long one or two weeks,[2], but if a suit of clothing can save their lives, nothing is as important as that. However, if it's still that hot, it's inevitable that there will be a lot more fatigue than usual, resulting in long-term activity. So for now, the body is divided into fully covered Gillie suits and Gillie suits that cover only part of the body, with the latter often operating with camouflage suits, mostly worn by Commonwealth snipers.
Around World War II and Vietnam, there is a story that people who are color-blind used a man to find hidden snipers in a Gilly suit. Color blindness is less likely to be felt than ordinary people, but when it comes to colors that can be felt, similar colors are better distinguished than ordinary people.
However, most of the menstruation that results from concealing like this is said to be resolved in place (...).
In the old days, most of them were made by themselves, but these days, there are quite a few ready-made items in use. In addition to gillie suits like drooping moss, which often float on images, there are many cases where snipers are arbitrarily added grass snails and jumbled together to improve their camouflage capabilities. Even if you don't do that, dust can get entangled in the suit itself, so if you just walk around, you'll find leaves or hay on your own.
It was first introduced in World War I, when Scottish hunting groundskeepers camouflaged with colorful trapezoid jars attached to their clothes and covered their heads with rags, showing excellent sniper skills.
PATENTED PRODUCT: Manufacturing process and design are patented under patent number 10-1888128. Made in Korea.
DOES NOT SHED: Unlike cheap Chinese made product, this suit does not shed its fabric, even if the strings are pulled or tugged with force
PERFECT GIFT: Perfect gift for your spouse in the army.



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  • Name : Lee Jung Woong
  • Tel : 029312665
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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 9-16 Deongneung-ro 122-gil, Nowon-gu, Seoul (01644)
International Fiber
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    LEE Jung Woong
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    9-16 Deongneung-ro 122-gil, Nowon-gu, Seoul (01644)
International Textile produces the highest quality Gilischt that does not separate the camouflage from the mesh fabric based on patented technology that makes it easy and convenient to cut a certain area of the camouflage chamber and makes the guile suit easier and more comfortable. Selected as an excellent product of the Seoul Awards. International textile patent for various types of camouflage thread to form knots at both ends of the camouflage thread at regular intervals, and by cutting a certain part of the camouflage thread to make the Gili suit easily and conveniently. Based on the technology, we produce the highest quality Gili suits that do not separate the camouflage thread from the mesh fabric. International Fiber is a company specializing in the manufacture of munitions, and it is an excellent company with the technology to complete the product in a day by weaving ghillie suit, bulletproof helmet cover, camouflage, veil, hat, etc. into an automated machine GHILLIE SUIT Specialist Seoul Awards Excellent Product Selection 7 Patents Hand-made GHILLIE SUIT! International Fiber creates knots of various colors at both ends of the gastrointestinal tract, cutting certain parts of the gastrointestinal tract to make it easy and convenient to manufacture GHILL SUIT.
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    Gili suit
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    1~3 million (KRW)
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    Less than 5


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