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kislip(Hangover prevention & treatment pill)

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    Model kislip(Hangover prevention & treatment pill)
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    Republic of Korea
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    apple flavor
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    2x faster breakdown of alcohol

KISLip (Hangover prevention & treatment pill)


·         Activates ALDH

·         Orange-flavored candy

·         Safe

·         Fast-acting


How to use

·         You must dissolve the pill in your mouth.

·         If you turn red after consuming a little alcohol, your ALDH may not be functioning properly. Take 1 pill before drinking, and 2 more directly after drinking.

·         If you do not turn red but suffer from a hangover the next day, take 2 pills directly after drinking.

* If there is no hangover at all after taking KISLip reduce the number of pills that you take. If there is a hangover, you may want to increase the number slightly.




Fermented rice powder (Thailand), crystalline glucose, xylitol, concentrated apple powder (apples: South Korea), citric acid (China), apple fruit powder, magnesium stearate, DL-methionine, vitamin C, silicon dioxide, stevia, probiotics.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Store the product in a cool, dry place away from light.

If you are allergic to certain substances, please check the ingredients before taking them.

Not recommended for consumption by pregnant and nursing women.

Excessive alcohol consumption can be harmful to your health.



ALDH is responsible for detoxification in the body

The enzyme ALDH2, which is present in large quantities in Kislip, ensures that toxins are bound and excreted in the body. This happens especially in the liver.


2x faster breakdown of alcohol

Alcohol / ethanol is also an unhealthy substance that is broken down in the liver. The ALDH dose used in Kislip works in such a way that ethanol is broken down twice as quickly as without taking Kislip.


No Hangover the next morning

Many other anti-hangover drugs advertise that they give back to our body what it loses through alcohol consumption. We don’t. Kislip ensures that you do not lose vitamins, minerals and sugar in the first place. We are tackling the problem at its root.


Bye Bye Headache

Acetaldehyde is responsible for the hangover headache. This substance is produced during alcohol breakdown in the liver. The ALDH contained in Kislip binds this substance so that the body can excrete it more quickly. Bye Bye Headache.




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PICO Entech Co Ltd
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KISLip is the world's rst edible ALDH inclusive lifestyle enhancer that rapidly relieves hangover symptoms and recovers fatigue. Pre-clinically tested to prove the effect of ALDH in breaking down and detoxifying acetaldehyde (main cause of hangover and possibly carcinogenic to human (IARC)), KISLip is by far the most powerful enzyme candy for your everyday. Alcohol Metabolism After drinking alcohol, the enzyme ADH(alcohol dehydrogenase) breaks down alcohol. Liver decomposes alcohol and produce acetaldehyde during alcohol consumption. Acetaldehyde is decomposed by acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, ALDH, into acetic acid and water and released to the body Why people have an Asian Flush when they drink alcohol? Due to the level of ALDH mutation, humans can be classied into four types. Refer to the following gure and test what type of level you belong to.
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