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Allmyway Mirror Cleaning Tissue

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    1 ea
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    60,000 ea per Month
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      USD 6.50

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  • Brand
    Model Mirror Cleaning Tissue
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
  • Function
    It can be used with confidence without antibacterial 99.9% certification and harmful component detec
  • Features
    Alcohol wipes, not wet wipes.
Testimonial from customers who purchased the products!
Check the reviews from the customers who trusted us and used our products.
With this, cleaning becomes easier and simpler.
When I clean my bathroom, I use them, and they clean perfectly anywhere you want, whether it’d be a mirror or windows, or a bath sink,  All my way wipes are the it-item to me!
The stains left behind by wiping, instantly vanish within 10~ 15 seconds and it becomes clean.
I used to use a toothpaste but now there is no need, just have to wipe off using this item and it instantly cleanses the stains. This is real, a whole new world- cleaning wet wipes!
When I use a toilet, I always wipe the toilet too.
They contain alcohol inside, so the alcohol instantly evaporates and dries out and I can sit on the toilet right away.
Also, they are small, so they easily slip into my bag. When I have to use a public toilet, I usually wipe the toilet with Allmyway wipes, so that I feel more comfortable.
Simplify the grueling bathroom cleaning with all my way wipes
Allmyway mirror cleaning wipes
‘only one wipe is enough without using a chemical cleaner’
There is nothing easier in the world than cleaning your bathroom
Of course, all my way is the answer to cleaning
No stains!
Don’t worry about the remaining stains
that never go away, NO! NO!
Sterilization OK!
Already proven antibacterial effects!!
Ethanol kills 99.9% of bacteria
Take out the cleaning tools, wipe the mirror, tidy up …
It takes such a hard work to clean up the whole bathroom.
That is why I even schedule the cleaning day in advance.
Say good bye to those days when you couldn’t be bothered cleaning!
“Cleaning became fun”
No need to wipe twice, just one time and that’s it!
1. Reliable cleaning wipes- approved!
Killing 99.9% of bacteria –approved!
Have young children? Worry about hygiene every day!?
Trust the process, and give it a go!  It kills 99.9% of the bacteria within 30 min.
2. Proven, reliable cleaning wipes! Free of harmful chemicals!
The cleaning wet wipes that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and is safe to use.
As a certified product, it is even more reassuring
Good wipes with no toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene
3 steps for the slackers who dislike cleaning
How did you manage to clean before?
Water? Mirror Cleaner? News paper? Wiper?  Wipe and wipe and wipe with water…
As far as all my way goes, 3 steps are enough.
Old way of the cleaning
1. Take out lots of cleaning tools
2. Wipe with a cleaner
3. Rinse off with water
4. Remove water using a dry towel
5. Tidy up the cleaning tools
Cleaning with All myway
1. Take out a wipe
2. Just wipe
3. Throw it into a trash can
3 step testimonials
Cleaning the inside of my car
Regardless of materials, from GPS to glasses, plastic, you name it. just wipe it off and then it instantly clean the item and make it shine.
Cleaning tablet PC
My tablet PC that is sticky with stains became so clean with this one wipe!
It would be very handy if I slipped them into my bag, carried them around, since they are compact.
Cleaning portable desk mirror
Simply wipe the mirror with our Allmyway wipes.
When you have guests coming in for the day, and have to clean up suddenly,
Just wipe once, no problem with bathroom mirror cleaning.
Well, it would be wasteful if you only used the wipes just on the mirror.
No worries! They are multi-purpose wipes.
Bathroom sink / water tap, toilet
TV, monitors/ PC. Tablet, notebook PC.
Living room, balcony room, glass items.
Powder room mirror, drawers.
Make the best of Allmyway by 200%
Cautions before use
1. They are not ‘water wipes’, they are alcohol containing wipes.
Mirror cleaning wipes are made for cleaning purposes, and it contains alcohol which does not contain as much water as regular water wipes.
2. Make it quick!  They are alcohol wipes, you should use them quickly.
3. Make sure to close the cap tightly! Otherwise, the whole pack of wipes will become dry
If you are in one of the following situations, the wipes will make your life 300% easier.
1. A single person who are living alone, and can’t be bother to do anything
2. Men who do not have much experience in cleaning.
3. You have suffered from aching arms after cleaning home.
4. You are too busy to clean
5. You are tired of taking out all the cleaning tools and organizing them for cleaning
We use 6-step filtered, clean water
Check water quality meticulously.
1. Micro filtering- removes foreign substances in water
2. Activated carbon- removes Activated carbon particles
3. Reverse Osmosis – removes water-soluble foreign substances and purifies water
4. UV sterilization 1- removes foreign materials once again after sterilization
5. Micro filtering 2- draws out activated carbon particles and remove them.
6. UV sterilization 2- go through the final UV Sterilizer once again.
One wipe is enough! Fitting into one hand!
One wipe is enough to wipe an item, and the size is big enough for you to fold it to use the other side too.



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Women's small abits thatmight have not been considered 'a big deal' The sensitive , extemal vaginal area that is easily imitated more than the skin on the other parts of the body. We have found a solution in ladywater after a long period of research and experiences. Feminine wipes, wipes for my period, flushable wipesn
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