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Noproblem Disposable scrubber(both sides)

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    1 ea
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    60,000 ea per Month
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      USD 6.80

      (1 ea)

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      USD 18.00

      (4 ea)

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      USD 450.00

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  • Brand
    Model Disposable scrubber(both sides)
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
  • Color
    Blue / Yellow
  • Features
    Made of polyester felt material, good cleaning power, not easy to tear.
  • Style
    6mm / 9mm
Don’t worry about scrubbers’ being torn easily, with real one day scrubber. No problem!
No worries about dish washing with rich foam, no problem
- Easily torn, disposable scourers, don’t worry about it anymore.
Real one day scourers will make your kitchen sparkle
Full of germs! Are you still using the contaminated, unpleasant scrubbers?
There are so many germs on your scrubbers caused by food wastes and water
Wipe, over and over again, but you just never realize it, because germs are not visible?
If you don’t do anything about it,  your sponge will be full of bacteria before you know it.
* About 7 million bacteria exist in your sponge, they can come into your body!
How many weeks do you use a sponge for?
The kitchen sponge having more bacteria than the toilet.
Despite microwaving the sponge, there are still lots of harmful bacteria in your sponge.
Unpleasant summer night experience- the war with food poisoning
Only 1 out of 10 people would sterilize and take care of the sponge well.
7 things to throw away for your health.
Were you happy with the one-off, disposable sponge?
All housewives can related to the issue with a one-off sponge.
It easily breaks down, and is not easy to grip
The previous one-off sponge was not thick enough, and didn’t lather up easily…!!
You were stressed about it, weren’t you?
Now here comes the ‘ Real one day, no problem scrubber’ that will address all the issues completely!
Thickness Comparison
This one is 9/ 6 times thicker than previous scrubbers, much sturdier to use
A spider weave that is highly durable
‘ It is made of PLS felt fabric that is durable and doesn’t get torn easily and cleanse the dishes well.
 ‘The scrubber is made of fabric woven like a spider web, using thin yarn that has been hardened after melting.
No problem one day scrubber lineup
Okay to use on high-end plates!
Soft type scrubber surface
For regular dishwashing, use the regular type 10 pieces
Use the soft type scrubber surface for regular dishwashing
Use double sided sponge 10 pieces for scratch-prone dishes
Use the double sided sponge safely without causing scratches.
Depending on the surface of the sponge, you can use it for multiple purposes
Use it for multiple purposes
Around the rusty water tap area
A kitchen sink drain with food stains
Use the soft sponge for fragile glasses
A greasy range hood
No scratches! No worries of foam!  Now safely use the oneday scrubber without worries
No scratches! for any dishes
Its soft fabric can clean any dishes without causing scratches
No worries about not enough foam!  Soaking up plenty of foam always.
The no-problem scrubber soaks up just enough foam it needs, which is good for the environment, unlike a regular scrubber which picks up too much foam at once and doesn’t do it job well.
No harmful chemicals! Safe to use.
It doesn’t contain toxic heavy metals, can be use not only on dishes but also on the kitchen sink, the bathroom etc.
No worries of hygiene!  Hygienically!
One day use of the scrubber will take care of germ growth + molds and  many others.
Its elegant packaging will make for a great interior item for your kitchen!
Okay to use on high-end dishes! Do not hesitate to use it.
Refer to the details of no problem one day scrubber.
Regular 10 pcs
Type: Soft type
Materials: PLS Felt
Double-sided Sponge 10 pcs
Type: soft type
Materials: PLS Felt, Polyurethane foam
A wise life style that changes kitchen environment -   no! problem
Be with the no problem one day scrubber.
Product name: no problem one day scrubber.
Size: 125 x 85 (±1mm)
Regular type: 10 pcs/ double sided sponge: 10 pcs
Manufactured by : Ventus Solution Inc.
The origin of manufacturer: South Korea
Regular type: PLS felt
Double-sided Sponge : PLS felt, Polyurethane foam



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Shipping from : Afghanistan
  • 69 Seongnam-daero Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do (13636)
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