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Goomy Goomy

Well Bang

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    Goomy Goomy
    Model Well Bang
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    Republic of Korea
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    all ages
Well Bang-  
A healthy choice for a happy centenarian life
Dotted line to tear from
Goomy Goomy is an edible insect brand who studies how to create high quality products with its  sweat and tear, wishing more people becoming healthier.
Prepare for your healthy life with our mealworm, Gosoae
Gosoae is the basic ingredient for Well Bang and it is a new Korean name for an edible mealworm that is enlisted on WTO
It is reliable product to purchase because it is a patented food which of the share owned by The Korean Rural Development Administration.
The reasons why now is the time to start eating Well Bang for energetic elderly life
Acquired patent of “Tenebrio molitor(mealworm) ingredients effective to prevent or treat Dementia”
Live a wonderful elderly life with the food rich in essential amino acid and unsaturated fatty acids
Simple stick packages and nutty tastes allow for easy nutrition replenishment regardless of where you are.
Wellbeing Era! Well Bang!
Recommended for those who….

1. Want to prepare for dementia-free healthy life in the era of centenarians

2.  Need nutrition after surgery (Thesis citation from – ‘Change in Dietary Intake and Nutritional Status Using Mealworms as Hospital Meals in Postoperative Patient’)

3. Want to make efforts to live a long, healthy life
4. Want to consume proteins easily wherever they are
Nutrition intake, 1 Well Bang stick a day is enough!
Consume one stick with water daily
You can mix it with yogurt
Nutrition Powerhouse Gosoae’s Protein Content
Goomy Goomy guarantees an honest product.
Product Testing Report/ Certificate of product origin
Manufacturing Process : Raising Bugs-Selection process-Feeding Control-Washing-Drying/Fat removal-Grinding/Filtering-Packaging
Product Name: Well Bang
Food Type: processed edible bug food
Weight: 5gX20 stick packets
Material: Mealworm powder 100% (Korean)
Direction: Consume 1 packet per day with water
Storage: Avoid direct sun, keep it in the dry, cool place.
Distributor:JK Partners Inc./ #204, KOAROO Parkview, 33 Cheombok-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea
Manufacturer:  Youngcheon Sericulture Agricultural Cooperative/ 1349 Hoguk-ro, Gogyeong-myeon, Yeongcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
-This product has been processed in a facility that manufactures milk, wheat, soy beans, peanuts, buckwheat.
- If you are allergic to crustaceans, do not consume the product.
- This product can be reimbursed or exchanged in accordance with the compensation standards for consumers’ damages under the Consumer Protection Act in Korea.


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    • Name : JK partners Inc
    • Tel : 0539655538
    • Email : khj0311@jk-partners.co.kr


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  • 33 Cheombok-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu (41069)
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JK partners Inc.

JK partners Inc.

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    Hee Doh Jeong
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    33 Cheombok-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu (41069)
JK Partners Inc. produces dietary supplements using such edible insects as “Mealworm” (Tenebrio Molitor larva; also called mealworm beetle larva) and “Kkotbengi” (Protaetia Brevitarsis larva), in its efforts to help people live healthier and happier lives. With the brand, “Goomy-Goomy”, which stands out among our premium dietary supplement products, we adhere to best practices using sanitary and safe production facilities, while guaranteeing ‘honest quality’ via quality assurance reports and country of origin certificate.
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    healthy food / protain powder
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