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Duffy Crystal Bluetooth speaker

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    1 ea
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    1,000 ea per Weekly
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    FOB - Incheon Port

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    Asia, Europe
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      USD 2,000.00

      (100 ea)

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      USD 9,500.00

      (500 ea)

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      USD 18,000.00

      (1,000 ea)

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  • Brand
    Model PV-7A
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
  • Function
    Bluetooth Speaker
  • Gender
Duffy Chrystal Speaker that is so eye-catching
Wherever you left the speaker, it would still grab your attention, pleasing you until the moment of turning on the Bluetooth speaker.
Simple, Chic, and Classy Design
If you’re looking for a promotional product, Duffy is here.
Experience the crystal speaker with your eyes and ears
The beautiful LED will catch your eye instantly
Vivid, Playful Rainbow Colors
Even more eye-catching 3D designs
Much more beautiful since it is shown in the crystal box
Bluetooth mini speaker
A must Bluetooth speaker in this Smart technology driven age 
From the Unique cubic design to the amazing sound performance created by experts!
Classy crystal box with rainbow colored LED lighting effects.
The best speaker equipped with the Bluetooth speaker
An essential Bluetooth speaker in this Smart technology driven age.
Bluetooth speaker that has become essential in this day and age.
Its easy pairing will allow you to listen to the music anytime, anywhere.
If the Smartphone is a must, so is the music for the energy boost in our daily lives.
Great Interior Effects with Crystal Material
Its quality is unlike any other printed products. The 2D or 3D logos will be engraved inside the crystal box.
LED lighting effects is added into the mix, it will just complete the speaker with its eye-catching looks
Interior & Eye-catching LED lighting effects
You cannot take your eyes off the multiple-colored LED speaker. It can be versatile enough to be used
as a interior lighting, sleeping lamp and many others.
Rainbow Effects
Combo of the Elegant crystal and LED Effects
From change of different colors to the delicate expressions
You will have a pleasant promotional experience
Engrave your logos and messages on the crystals
Small in size, Explosive in sound
Enjoy the music whenever, wherever
Bluetooth Speaker
Small in Size, Big and Powerful  in Sound
Seamless functions using Bluetooth V3.1
Tuning done by the sound professionals
It contains a rich sound in a cube.
Premium sound quality and sound created by VK Audio Maester with 30 years of experiences
The powerful crystal Bluetooth speaker was born through the collaboration between Duffy  and the best engineers, after the process of tuning and making optimized sound structures in a small cube.
3D Designs
Various logos and messages will be engraved into the crystal
You can choose either horizontal or vertical shapes.
Vertical (Basic) shape
3 Dimensional designs that can be seen from 4 directions.
Beautiful packaging boxes for you, who are so special.
Using premium rigid boxes for the luxurious packaging.
Package Listing: 3.5mm AUX Cable, USB Cable( 5 pin), User Manual
Send your love with the fancy, luxurious packaging.
Patented Bluetooth Crystal Speaker
Its minimalistic and simple designs allow it to look good wherever it is placed, even without its LED light on
Auto Connection, Ultra simple pairing
How to connect the Bluetooth
STEP 01. If the Duffy speaker’s power is on, status lamp shows red, blue LED alternately.
STEP 02. Activate the Bluetooth feature on the Smartphone
STEP 03. Search the Bluetooth devices and select one from the device list.
STEP 04 Once the pairing is done, you can see the notice of “pairing activated” on the Smartphone screen.


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    • Name : myung suk han
    • Tel : +82-2-333-6614
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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 62 Seongmisan-ro 13-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul (03974)


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    62 Seongmisan-ro 13-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul (03974)
Ad Art is a ballpoint pen company that started with Germany and Europe India at the time of its establishment and felt the limit of growth through contract between Korean and Asian agencies of m&G, China's top stationery company, and it launched Duffy brands and promoted products, and is currently growing a lot
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    Duffy Crystal Bluetooth Speaker
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