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CASO CandiQ Plus

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    Model CASO CandiQ Plus
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    Republic of Korea
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    1EA –30ml, 50ml
[Product Description]

Products used in pregnancy pruritus, anal itching, lachrym, abnormal odor, discomfort, skin diseases.

Can be used for pregnant women (skin sensitization test, skin irritation test, mucosal irritation test, oral toxicity test and various tests passed) safe product.
Fungicide death test (Malaysia, Candida albicans and many other bacteria killed), anti-inflammatory effect
Spray formulation can reduce secondary infection.

100% natural ingredients consisting of wild mackerel which grows at over 500m above sea level, pine needle oil, and lanolin oil.

This product, which is produced only with mugwort extract and natural oil, does not have any chemical components such as emulsifier, preservative surfactant, etc. so please shake it when using it.
FDA - registered as a natural medicine
Effectiveness: Within 30 seconds kills 99.9% of Candida alkanis and Maliania peri when sprayed.

It can be used for children, elderly people, pregnant women and infants.
This product does not have a limit in use per day because resistance to ingredients is not generated.
This product is visible immediately after use even though it is a natural ingredient, and it creates a constantly sterile region on the sprayed spot.
And has a therapeutic and preventive effect on various diseases caused by fungi.

[Product Features]

Mild skin disease treatment aid.
Effectiveness: immediately kills 99.9% of Candida alkanis and Maliania peri bacteria within 30 seconds after spray

  1. Moisturizes dry skin
  2. Kills Candida alkanesis, Maleacea perpermium
  3. Creates and maintains the sterilized area of the sprayed spot
  4. Relieves skin pruritus
  5. Can be used anywhere without having to rinse after spraying
  6. Relieves itchy symptoms through giving moisture and nutrition
  7. Vacuum spray type can be sprayed upside down
  8. Helps relieve sensitive skin that has been stimulated
  9. Helps relieve itching by giving the skin a refreshing sensation



CASO CandiQ Plus


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CASO Dom Ltd.

CASO Dom Ltd.

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    Hyun Nam Kwoun
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    Daedeoksan-ro, Mupung-myeon Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do (55562)
Catalyst to Self Ordering (CASO) was Found in Germany in the 1850s where Dr. Haupt established a pine nursing home in Nassau, founded pine needle fumigation and bathing therapies to treat skin diseases, arthritis, gout, and bronchial diseases. This therapy has been developed and used throughout Germany, and since the end of the 19th century in the areas of Moscow and Siberia, pine needles were originally widely to saunas and hydrotherapy and through change in perception and approach of treatment methods, CASO has developed a safe new treatment product through the cooperation of worldwide masters and doctorate holders. CASO established the company while researchers from the University of Berlin in Germany, University of Moscow in Russia, and about ten famous biochemists from KAIST in Korea were seeking a company that produces a 21st century biotechnology product. We manufacture products with reliable quality. It is a company that has a research institute specializing in R&D on wormwood, nodule sap, various tree sap, and apple trees in the field of food, and has certified as an eco-friendly certification, 6th industrial enterprise, rural convergence business, HACCP, FSSC22000 certification .
  • Business Type :
    Knowledge Service
  • Main Product :
    CASO mono maple granule
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    1~2 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    Less than 5


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