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Herringbone Mohair Long Coat_DARK BROWN

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    Model Herringbone Mohair Long Coat_DARK BROWN
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    Republic of Korea
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    Herringbone Mohair Long Coat
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What is needed in the cold weather is outerwear.
There are many cold weather to wear just the tea. That's why more and more people prefer  outerwear. It's just an outer coat, and it makes me feel different. As the saying goes, clothes are the person's wings, even a single change in the outer space will have the effect of making the person look different!!It's not thick enough that you don't feel stuffy or trapped inside even if you wear it with a T-shirt.
You can wear this for all four seasons with the right thickness. You can wear it conveniently at any time With simple design, pants, skirts, and one-piece dress can be used in a variety of different ways, so it's good to wear them.If you wear fancy clothes, it's hard to coordinate your clothes. You can wear these simple clothes anytime, or you can wear them in a variety of ways because they're good in material. You can wear it for a long time because it doesn't stretch even if you wear it often. Because clothes are what the body touches directly, it is a product that cares a lot about the material.
All of our products are from Dongdaemun brand, the center of clothing distribution, which offers a glimpse of the Korean fashion trend.
We specialize in various styles of clothing for different age groups and tastes.
Productivity and quality are the top priorities.
The advantage of online shopping is that you can easily find the products you want in a short time. However, clothes often fail to buy because they differ in quality or detail from what you see on your monitor.
In order to protect these problems, we are committed to improving customer satisfaction by approaching the consumer's position first and choosing the best quality clothes for reasonable unit price measurement and price. with all one's might
To keep pace with the rapidly changing trends, we are actively communicating with many suppliers to provide real-time clothing information, and we are directly comparing and selecting many new products from our companies.
We do not do business with companies that handle low-cost textiles, but only with companies that use high-end locally produced textiles. We are thoroughly testing many kinds of fabric and trying to make a better product even if it is the same fabric.
To differentiate itself from other clothing brands on the market, our professional designers are introducing trendy and original products every season.
[Company Information]
Coett is for the contemporary women who seeks to find her own identity with feminine but unique style.
Coett pursues the true beauty of women as fabulous tailoring with the sensible and high quality fabrics.
[Product Description]
A sophiscated haringbone texture long coat,
It's a fabric with a high wool content
Overally thin dripping shillouett, and blazer collar is the point.
Haringbone belt with luxurious dark brown color.
[Product Features]
Size : one size(free)
Material : 60%WOOL 40%POLY
Washing method : Dry clean
Color : Dark brown

Herringbone Mohair Long Coat_DARK BROWN


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  • Name : SOO HYUN CHO
  • Tel : 010-6305-3652
  • Email : coett@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 18 Eonju-ro 103-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (06137)
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    18 Eonju-ro 103-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (06137)
Coett is for the contemporary women who seeks to find her own identity with feminine but unique style. Coett pursues the true beauty of women as fabulous tailoring with the sensible and high quality fabrics. *Coett Brand Story : In September 2018, Coett made its debut at the Coterie Show in New York, the world-renowned fashion show. As I received a local order worth about US$10,000 for 20 dresses made under the name of Coett, I saw the vision of Coett in the world and started the brand business in earnest. Coett is a contemporary brand with a feminine concept, and seeks true beauty, hoping to be preserved as a clothing worthy of women's possession.
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    Less than 100 million (KRW)
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    Less than 5


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