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PhM Treatment Moisture Gift Set

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    Model PhM Treatment Moisture Gift Set
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    Republic of Korea
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    15ml/ 7ml/ 15ml/ 7ml
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    Gift Set
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    For adults
[Product Features]
· Treatment Moisture Gift set is certified by plastic surgeons and is reliable in quality.
1. PhM Hydra Soothing Mild Toner
- Power of moisture drop therapy for inner skin
- Differentiated visuals and using efficiency
- First moisture charging for skin! Better shining and moisturizing
- Hyturonic acid’s powerful moisture delivery
- Making Skin stronger and better flexibility
· ALLE-CARE VESICLE : Grass extract water, fig extract, Lecithin/Ceramide
- Dermal stimuli and inflammatory plant extracts consisted
- Fast skin normalization to give instant calming effect from irritation
2. PhM Cell Power Bio Lifting Serum
- The first step to healthy skin is to keep your body moisturized.
- Potential cosmetics certified by the Food and Drug Administration for improvement of wrinkles and hypoallergenic
- Will take care of by the power of healthy skin and build protective skin
- Low-Pressure Products Responsible for the Health of Sensitive Skin
- Contains 8 peptides that improve skin miniaturization and prevents skin aging
3. PhM Treatment Moisture Lotion
- Hypo chromatic emulsion responsible for the health of sensitive skin
- Moisturizing the inner skin with moisturizing energy
- Taking care of skin with moisturizing
- The perfect delivery of rich nutrition to skin
- Extreme strength moisture with high content water-moisturizer in a high density gel network
- 8 natural and organic extracts for my skin
4. PhM Treatment Hydra Intense Cream
Rich moisture and long-term moisturizing effect
Hydro Mask preventing dry skin, moisture loss prevention
Skin regeneration, excellent sedation effect and inflammation improvement
Improves skin stability
Stabilization of Silk Oil in Bulky Gel composed of Propaganda Polymers
· Argireline Peptide
- It is used as a alternative to botulinum toxin to prevent wrinkles by targeting the same pleated mechanism in many different ways.
· Propertise
- Botulinum toxin A’s alternative
- Effective in reducing wrinkles.
[How to use]
- Toner : Wash lightly with warm water and pat the toner on the face to absorb it.
- Serum : After toner, spread out toner on face gently.
- Lotion : Spread proper amount of serum on face and cover it on face like massaging.
- Cream : Finally, complete the moisturizing film on your face.

PhM Treatment Moisture Gift Set


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Cheona International Co.,Ltd

Cheona International Co.,Ltd

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    Hye Myung Park
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    209 Gukhoe-daero, Gangseo-gu, Seoul (07787)
PhM is a professional cosmetic brand. PhM products were developed jointly with GOOWNSESANG famous for plastic surgery for 20 years and it has been researched and developed as a personalized functional cosmetics brand based on skin science technology. It uses mild natural ingredients and good raw materials to give skin vitality and maintain a healthy skin condition. PhM is a brand loved by women that distinguishes itself in high quality. ◈ VITAL HYDRA SOOTHER MASK • It can be used safely with sensitive skin as eco-friendly natural materials • Deliver superior essence to skin • Breathable mask with good air permeability • Super adhesion of fine texture ◈ CELL POWER BIO LIDTING SERUM • Resillient skin, Increased skin elasticity • Wrinkle improvement, smooth skin improvement effect • Regeneration for damaged skin, strengthened skin barrier • Soothing effect on sensitive skin, improved skin tone ◈ QUALITY ASSURANCE SAFE USE • Completed Korea KFDA certification • Completed ISO9001 quality assurance certification • Completed ISO22716 quality assurance certification • Certificate of Origin for Edelweiss • Completed ISO14001 quality assurance certification
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    Vital Hydra Soother Mask/serum
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    4~5 billion (KRW)
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    5~10 people



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  • PhM Vital Hydra Soother Mask with sensitive skin as eco-friendly natural materials for all
  • Wrinkle improvement moisturizing PhM Cell Power Bio Lifting Serum 50g for all skin types