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Decorative LPM (Low Pressure Melamine Laminate)

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    Model Decorative LPM (Low Pressure Melamine Laminate)
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    Republic of Korea
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    Ordinary LPM, LPM for Coating, Hi-Flex LPM
  • Function
    Furniture surface finishing material
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[Product Description]
· What is LPM?
- An eco-friendly surface finishing material made with decorative paper on which various patterns are printed, which is impregnated with urea resin and melamine and dried to ensure its forming and attachment to MDF, PB etc. only with thermal pressure and without using any adhesive.LPM (Low Pressure Melamine)
· Manufacturing Process
- Printed base/decorative paper is impregnated first and second with urea resin and then impregnated or coated top and bottom with melamine resin.
➊Ordinary decorative, underlay, or overlay paper is used as saturating paper.
➋ First impregnation: foams are removed from inside the paper by running either side in urea and melamine resin and then soaked fully in the resin.
➌ Second impregnation: it goes through a squeeze, which adjusts the level of impregnation according to the type of saturating paper.
➍ First drying: it is dried as it passes under IR or a dry oven to reduce the water content to 10-12%.
➎ Coating: a specified quantity of melamine resin is sprayed over the mesh roll (embossed with particles).
➏ Second drying: the final water content is reduced to 6% by drying it with drying equipment composed of 4 areal fans and radiators.
➐ Cooling: it is cooled by the cooling fan as it passes through the cooling zone.
➑ Cutting: cut to sizes and stacked for packaging units, it is packaged and kept in the storage with isothermal and isohumidity control.
· Advantages
- An eco-friendly surface finishing material that registers excellent expression and naturalness.
- Its surface flaunts excellent physical properties such as strong anti-abrasion, scratch resistance, hot water resistance, and chemical resistance).
- It boasts a competitive price over competing surface materials.
[Product Features]
· Usage : Ordinary furniture, kitchen furniture, office furniture, built-in furniture, wooden doors and windows, wooden floor, wall panels, and other interior furniture surface finishing material.
· Types
- Ordinary LPM : When laminating LPM on panel, by using various press plates such as glossy, matte, semi-matte, embo, and logo-patterned and thereby expressing a realistic feel, the product can build MFB that flaunts esthetic sense and excellent physical properties.
- LPM for Coating : LPM treated with an additive to enable the application of Polycoat.
- Hi-Flex LPM : The type of LPM that minimizes the bending of the board involved in the bonding of one side with a stamping press.

Decorative LPM 


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Impregnated Coating Co.,Ltd. (ICC)

Impregnated Coating Co.,Ltd. (ICC)

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ICC, a leader of the 4th Industrial Revolution The world has stepped into the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution that is grounded on AI, IoT, big data etc. As the bellwether of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we will lead the world’s furniture surface finishing material market by researching and developing trend-setting products. ICC is a manufacturer and supplier of highly functional LPM/FF that it developed as the first instance in the country. Production Capacity per Day: 60,000 sheets / Factory Plottage: 5,981.50㎡ / Area of manufacturing facilities: 4,343.94㎡ Product Portfolio: LPM (ordinary LPM, T-white LPM, LPM for coating, hi-flex low-bending LPM), FF (Pre Foil, 3D Foil, Post Foil, Super Foil, UV Foil, PET Foil)
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