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Printing books and App book

Printing books and App book

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    Printing books and App book
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[Product Description]
Some 10 years ago, smartphone came into existence and our daily lives have been transformed ever since.
A range of U.S. media including the Wired and the Fortune are now creating their own mobile application magazine (app book) instead of their paper printed versions.
The App Book improved so smart via enhancing user convenience and media convergence after many trials and error is now named “App Book 4.0” representing a powerful information delivery media.
Now, the App Book is serving as a “Virtuous Cycle Media” offering easier and more accessible user experience by replacing paper printed media, working as information delivery and marketing tool and also contributing to the environment protection.
[Product Features]
Incomparable Accessibility Compared to Paper Books
A person needs to go through a tedious process of subscribing when the person wants to get an internal publication or magazine of an institution regularly.
We have to sign up first for application and then wait for the publication to arrive.
And for the subscription to happen in the first place, we have to have the book within your reach for the subscription details, limiting the possibility.
However, the App Book carried by anyone with smartphone resolves this problem of accessibility.
Paper books are fundamentally very inaccessible media now when 5G is a near future.
You can download the content immediately after you download the App Book from the app store.

Printing books and App book


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  • Name : Julius Park
  • Tel : 8224980272
  • Email : julius@razzle-dazzle.co.kr


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 22 Gwangnaru-ro 8-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul (04799)
HyoSung Printing Co.

HyoSung Printing Co.

  • The person in charge

    SaSoon Hong
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    22 Gwangnaru-ro 8-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul (04799)
About Hyo Sung Printing Co. Hyo Sung Printing Co. is a native Seoul printing company, always staying in Seongsu-dong, the center of Seoul for about 30 years. One of our major clients is Korean Air. Especially, we are an exclusive company to make and print its in-flight magazine Morning Calm for 22 consecutive years. Since 2019, we launched an App Book department to find new markets. Hyo Sung has begun various sales activities to look for foreign markets and started exporting products to Vancouver, Canada. With this, we will work actively to tap into foreign markets and are in talks with companies in US, Australia, Brazil, France. Hyo Sung Printing Co. can print both offline paper books and online app books, improving client satisfaction. That means we are a professional printing company capable of plan, design and print altogether. 3 Newly launched app book is a mobile application book. About App Book What is App book? App Book contains more high quality fun contents compared to e-Book while offering the analog touch similar to that of a printed book to give readers analog sentiment. Its various contents provide a more immersive book experience. Benefits of App Book 1. Users can enjoy various contents within a single app. (Enjoy YouTube videos, VR contents and other fun things (e.g. mini game) on the mobile device as if from a book.) 2. Push notifications inform users updates and appear on the mobile device for continuous communication. (Many functions specific to an app are one of the benefits offered only from App Book.) 3. App Book offers much higher quality pictures and texts, which can be associated with various contents when serving ads. (Ads are customized for advertisers by connecting a webpage, snapshots or YouTube content.) 4. A number of institutions are satisfied with our App Book. We are always highly praised during the final demonstration. (We always get high marks on the high quality of contents, various fun elements and crystal- clear resolution from many institutions including the Board of Audit and Inspection, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs) Don’t forget to compare with e-Books in existing PDF format.
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  • Main Product :
    App Book, Books, Magazine
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    9~10 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    11~50 people


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