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Derma Medisina Eyelash Magic Volume Serum

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  • Brand
    Model 114404257
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
  • Expiry Date
    3 years from date of manufacture, 1 year after opening
  • Package Includes
    Natural Raw Eyelash Nutritional Supplement
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Derma Medicina
Eye lash magic-growth serum
Plant based, nutritional supplements for natural eyelash
CGS505 (Sword Bean gemmule extract)
ingredient which is autonomously developed nourished short and weakened eyelash, making longer and luxuriant
Plant extracts can help your eyelash maintain healthy
Main ingredient
Sword Bean gemmule extract, Mineral water , Irish extract, swertia extract, oriental arbor vitae extract, black bean extract, black sesame extract, kelp extract, korean angelica root extract, bupleurum falcatum extract, 1.2- hexandior.
NAtural ingredients
Glamorous eye lash by eyelash magic- growth serum
Doll-like eyelash is ready for you!
-safe for sensitive eyes
-concentrated nourishment for healthy and luxuriant eyelash
-ingredients from nature, no paraben, no coloring, no fragrance.

1.take 1 cup of warm water before washing up the face
2. wash and massage the face softly from temple to eyes using MBN soap or facial soap
3. Remove moisture on face and make pore open, apply the serum at both eyelash root 2-3times.
4. 1-2 minutes passed, stimulate and rub eyelash softly using middle finger. repeat 2-3 times to apply
5. 10 times a day for day and night is recommended, in the same way of number 3-4 above
6. apply to no- make up face. effect is proportional to volume and frequency of the serum
7.apply to no- make up face. effect is proportional to volume and frequency of the serum
8.rub your hands and make warm, cover your eyes with warm hands to relax eyes and increas effect of the serum
9.for comfortable eyes, apply the serum before sleep
10. effective the most to apply at 10pm~ 2am because secretion of growth hormone occurs during that time
11. In case the serum reaches eyeball or irritation happens, some weird feeling may occur for 1~3 seconds, after that, discharge falls out of the eyes so that irritation can be relaxed.


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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • Haseong-myeon,, Gimpo-si,, Gyeonggi-do, (10011)
Habit Korea Co., Ltd.

Habit Korea Co., Ltd.

www.hanbitkorea.co.kr Seller_Mail
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    Soo Nam Kim
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    Haseong-myeon,, Gimpo-si,, Gyeonggi-do, (10011)
* Introduction The beginning of skin beauty is washing the face. Being aware of the importance of face washing, we have made effort for 20 years to contribute to skin health with trust and credibility. Believing that the soap is a foundation cosmetic, we developed bamboo salt soap in the early ‘80s for the first time in the world for the prevention of skin trouble and opened the door of the market of functional cosmetic soap. With creative spirits we have developed more than 400 kinds of soaps and among them we believe that red ginseng soap, brown rice soap, bamboo body massage cream, and acidulous foam cleansing (pH5.5~6.0) are the first products both home and abroad. We have extracted functional components from vegetables and medicinal herbs and put them into cosmetic soaps to have good response from the industry and consumers. We personally ate and applied herbs and foods that have anti-atopy function for 12 years and finally we succeeded to develop ATONA cosmetics which is essential for the treatment of atopy and defoliants and ACNA for the treatment of skin trouble and pimple. We will launch worldwide franchise for atopy treatment, pimple treatment and whitening once the WHITENA is developed for whitening. In the near future, organic farming town will be constructed and skin clinic center will be established by Hanvit Korea to take care of the skin diseases of world citizens. We will keep making our utmost effort until the world experience Korea and recognize Korean foods and herbs and impressed by them. We will make people healthy with food and herbs. Hanbitkorea was founded in 1984, recognizing the importance of washing in relation to skin care. The company has facilitated the emergence of a functional art soap market to prevent skin problems. Through extensive research for the last 12 years, the company was able to create effective products to cure atopy, acne, hair growth problems and thin eyelashes.
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  • Main Product :
    Soap, Atopic skin care cosmetics - ATONA
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    1~2 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    11~50 people



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