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FOOD LOCK Zipperbag Mx10ea

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    Republic of Korea
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    Medium size 10ea
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The first of the health-related products is the harmlee stability to the human body.
A versatile zipper bag keeps the food that our family will eat, 
and the supplies of the beloved baby.
It is product that is directly related to healty and should be carefully 
checked for the safety of harmful substances to human body.
Heat resistance, cold resistance of a sterilized triple vacuum film
Passed without crack and discoloration
The product is used in refrigeratior, freezer, microwave oven, oven and so on.
In spection of cracks and discoloration showd no cracks or discoloration at all in this products.
3 times more freshness
with perfect vacuum seal!
Perfect vacuum sealing keeps food fresh
for 3-5 times longer than conventical zipper bags, foils, wraps and contatiners.

01. Sterilized embossed trip film!
The food lock zipper bag is a sterilized triple vacuum film with good durability.
Heavy food can be vacuumed or sealed safely and hygienically.
The embossing of the film surface using a mocro-punching system can simply remove
the air inside with a few pumping steps.
02. Double lock, Double zipper!
The food lock zipper bag is made of double locking zipper.
It completely blocks moisture from the outside as well as air.
03. Adhesion that is 50% higher in strength!
The food lock zipper bag has increased the adhesion by 50% to the strength of ordinary zipper bags.
The inside food was not to flow to the outside.
04. Exceptional performance of special valves
A special valvr id attached to the vaccum wall to punch out the internal air to creat a vacuum.
It keeps the seal tightly and cuts off the textna polluted substances.
05. Easy with little force!
The air pump has a special built in design that makes it easy to pump with a little force.
It is removable for easy cleaning and can be used easily by anyone.

01. Put the food into the zipper bag.
02. Press the pump handle or pree by using finger to sea.
03. Fit the vacuum pump to the inlet.
04. Start pumping.
05. The vacuum packaging is completed.
Comfortable for a long time
More GOOD storage and utilization!
01. Food odor blocking
The strong smell of some foods such as fish, pickles, and kimchi dose not permeate to other foods.
02. Prevent drying food
You can store foods that are vulnerable to moisture, such as dry food or tea leaves.
03. Microwave Available
You can store large quantities of food in the refrigerator and warm them up before you eat.
Use it after opening the zipper.
04. Repeatable
The vacuum pack can be washed and used repeatedly, with is economical.
05. Zipper back label
There is a memo space so you can write down the sealed date for later storage and use.
A clean and honesf food lock without harmful ingredients
Passed the hazardous substance inspection (SGC)
The food lick zipper bag, made from sterilized triple film, is a differentiated product.
It is a safe and hygienic product that dose not contain any kind of hazardous substances
such as lead, cadmium, mercury, and trivalent cormium that can harm the human body.
It protects baby goods from various germs and foreign substances.
It effetively protects the contetns from external moisture, insects and pollution.
It is widely used from baby products to valuables.


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It is a company operated with the goal of launching Korea to uncover products that have not been introduced in Korea yet. I began to see that the fungus flying like a dust was harmful to our body including a young child. It is a magical product that will quickly get rid of mold and make it into a new home when you apply it in a humid place such as a bathroom where mold is likely to bloom. Beyond Asia, we are making a good impression on Southeast Asia, and we are showing the superiority of Korean Wave products.
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