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Jeong Jun Ho Conscience

Jeong Jun Ho Conscience Black Sesame Seed Oil + Black Sesame Seed Flour

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  • Brand
    Jeong Jun Ho Conscience
    Model Black Sesame Seed Oil
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    Black sesame seed oil : 300ml, black sesame seed flour : 300g
  • Package Includes
    Black sesame seed oil, black sesame seed flour
  • Expiry Date
    Until the separately indicated date on individual product
[Product Description]
· Jeong Jun Ho Conscience Black Sesame Seed Oil
- Jeong Jun Ho Conscience Oil contains the aroma and flavor of the raw materials in a bottle of oil along with the principles and values to which the name, Jeong Jun Ho, is striving to adhere.
- The principle of Jeong Jun Ho Conscience Oil is the strength to maintain and safeguard the value that enabled it to pass the strict standards of Shilla Hotel and be selected as a secret ingredient by Mokmyeoksanbang, a restaurant selected by Michelin Guide, the foremost leading authority in gastronomic assessment around the world.
· Jeong Jun Ho Conscience Black Sesame Seed Flour
- Even the seed flour left over after pressing oil out of the seeds is healthy. Through the seed flour we give along with our oil, you can personally and visually confirm the status of raw material processing.
- Perilla seed flour separated from the oil contains important information on the manufacturing processes of the oil including country of origin, state of raw material, cleansing, pressing process, and the extent of heating, etc.
[Product Specifiaction]
· Capacity : 300ml,  300g
· Ingredient : Black sesame 100%
· Expiration date : Until the separately indicated date on individual product
· Precautions: Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool location after having opened the product

Jeong Jun Ho Conscience Black Sesame Seed Oil + Black Sesame Seed Flour



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  • 519 Dunchon-daero Jungwon-gu (13216)
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    519 Dunchon-daero Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do (13216)
Jung Joonho’s oil provides trustworthy product. A proud manufacturer of conscience should be able to show the product itself without being hidden. Why has the defatted sesame after traditional oil expression been treated like “not-edible things” so far? Jung Joon-ho oil has started business with the curiosity; “Perhaps it because many manufacturers had made it in “inedible” way.” “The name” is solely providing products, enclosing the raw material after oil expression. The defatted sesame that is separated from the oil includes important information on the production process, such as the origin of the oil, the raw material status, cleaning detail, milking process, and the degree of heating and this allows our customer to see the product’s status directly. Sesame seeds are also certified of being used for food and getting popular as a new ingredient for various dishes. Making trust visible, and making the customer to experience trust. Through this, we want to revive the trust of food. Jung Joon-ho oil will establish firm trust with customer regarding the product. Jeong Junho’s oil, the most perfect finish of the taste Making traditional oil is like cuisine of the cooking of a practiced chef. Jung Joon ho’s oil creates distinctly different taste through the air circulation roasting technique beyond the conventional roasting control method. It allows the raw material to keep the optimal status with full flavours just like before oil expression by equally roasting and controlling the remaining water content, through small quantity low-temperature roasting of raw materials (115°C for Only you white sesame oil) and progressive intake control. Minimizing air mixing after oil expression until the final bottling, Jung Junho oil is trying to deliver the flavor-preserved traditional oil as they are to the end customer. The heating process and the filtration process are set as the critical control point (CCP) of HACCP, and the effort of scientifically managing Benzo(a)pyrene and physical hazards is proven by a clear residue that remains with its original vegetable fiber form. The oil produced through this process can be used not only for traditional Korean food but also for various international foods and it also serves to make and complement the spices. Our accumulated technology and new attempts for traditional oil will lead the future of traditional oil. If there is conscience inside food, one should reveal all its conscience. How come sesame meal after extracting were considered ‘waste’? Jeong Joon Ho Oil thought it is because one made it useless. ‘그이름(KIREUM)’ includes ingredient after extracting for the first time in the nation, to share trust and credit from customers. Inside the sesame meal, it contains its origin, status, safety, process and level of heating, all the useful information of manufacturing are included for the customers. Furthermore, it attained food business permission, allowing the use of the ingredient in various meals. Making the trust and credit visible, and endowing experience of the conscience of the product. We hope to rebuild trust and credit for food safety. Thank you.
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  • Main Product :
    Sesame oil, Perilla oil
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    3~5 million (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    5~10 people



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