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JUNEDA Facial Balancing Emulsion

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Clean water and wind, air delivers fresh and natural beauty
01 Calm water and oil balance for the skin for a long time!
The natural ingredients of azalea and citrus honey from the mountain of Jeju prevent oil from maintaining the skin's water and oil balance.
02 Increase skin moisturization and nutrition to make skin healthier!
Contains rich black bean ingredients to increase skin moisturization and nutrition for a vibrant and vibrant skin
03 Natural skin care deep in the skin
More than 10 kinds of plant-based ingredients such as licorice extract JUNEDA penetrate deep into the skin to maintain skin balance and create fresh and fresh skin
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Jeju Cosmetics Certification System contains more than 10% of clean ingredients from Jeju Island.
Contains more than 10% of clean Jeju raw materials
Jeju Black Bamboo and Jeju Black Beans served by Hallasan and Jeju Farms
Produced by Jeju's organic agricultural cosmetics manufacturing facility
Jeju's representative organic agrochemicals facility
Observe the prohibition of cooperation taboos and packaging
Comply with comprehensive prohibitions on LPG jets, preservatives, and synthetic resins
Use clean water from Jeju
Management of Jeju Island Autonomous Organization
Moisturizing and nourishing
Balanced moisture lotion for healthy skin
Use non greasy water to moisturize and nourish the skin
Water supply   Nutritional supplement  Complexion management  Healthy skin
Black soya bean   Indocalamus   Rape nectar
Citrus honey     Lava seawater   Blueberry
Blackberry       Grass Berry     Magnolia
Chamomile          Licorice                 Vine Blueberry
Purified from the natural ingredients of Jeju
Development and production in Jeju, the whole process in Jeju
The good things that the warm sunshine season breathes in this place are visible to people.
Jeju cosmetics certification
Water and wind, air in Jeju
Pure natural ingredients
The core raw material production process of Jeju black beans, jeju bamboo
01 Picking, cleaning
Picking and washing of raw materials in situ and on farms
02 Centrifugal separation
Centrifugation for stock extraction
03 Filtration
04 Concentration
Solvent distillation
05 Raw material
06 product
Coordination manufacturing productization
Jeju component story of JUNEDA proposal
Black soya bean
Black beans, the representative of the so-called healthy food, have the same nutritional value in the Korean menu
Black soya bean
It contains a lot of collagen, which is helpful for skin elasticity, and rich protein helps healthy skin care management
Camomile flower
Rich in Vitamin C, a fruit tree that represents Jeju for a long time
A winter seasonal fruit loved by Koreans
Jeju ’s May orange blossom blooms throughout the island, and the orange honey used to directly bee on the citrus farm is used as the raw material for the pieces. (The content is the characteristics of the raw materials)
Recommend it to someone like this
People who are short of dry water
Skin sensitive to external environment; people who need natural and clean calming and moisturizing
People who want to become active skin through moisturizing and nutrition
Q is the skin type suitable?
Yes. All skin types can be used. It has effect on dry skin and tired sensitive skin.
When will Q be used?
After washing your face, gently spread out the application during the basic makeup stage
How will Q change after use?
Help calm and clean the skin, make up for the next stage, bring moisture and nutrition to the skin.
Product details
Product Name: JUNEDA Facial Balancing Emulsion      Product type: emulsion
Product Description: balanced hydrating lotion for healthy skin   Capacity: 150ml
Skin type: suitable for skin use        Features: skin balanced moisturizing nutrition
Ingredients: Purified water, sea water, black bean extract, Ruo bamboo extract, licorice extract, ingredients: wine extract, chrysanthemum extract, Magnolia extract, blackberry extract, blueberry extract, wild strawberry extract, raspberry extract, orange, astragalus extract, spices
Precautions and storage methods
1. Please stop using cosmetics if the following abnormalities occur.
To continue to use, you need to consult a dermatologist. ① Spots appear after use, and other abnormalities. ② The same situation occurs in the use site under direct light.
2. Do not use on injured areas, abnormal areas such as skin
3. Precautions for storage and operation
① The lid must be closed after use
② Keep it out of reach of young children;
① Do not store in high or low temperature places and places exposed to direct light.


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    21 Jingun 2-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do (63089)
Healthy beauty in pure nature !!. The clean water, wind, and air in Jeju Island originate from the mystic power of the ancient times. The pure energy of nature is contained in our beauty products. Although how skin care products are made is important, where their ingredients come from is even more vital. Products should allow you to refresh your senses as if when basking in the fresh air of the forest. In this regard, MIAPPEAL studies plant resources in Jeju with the values of human and nature in mind. It is because things that are good for people are easily found in the clean fresh air and the warm sunshine.
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    Skin Care, Shampoo, Treatmet
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