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TECA2220-10EPS high resolution electric proportional valve control actuator system device

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    Model TAVT-TECA-1P-25A
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
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    actuator system device
  • Features
    high resolution
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  • age-appropriate
[About the product]
* Device that controls actuator system by receiving control signals from many controllers such as Local Controller, Computer D.D.C, etc.
* All products have uniform control characteristics by completely eliminating the calibration error that can occur in manual calibration by fully automatic calibrating the actuator range 0% ~ 100%.
* Patented Electronic Brake System technology is applied, so it is possible to precisely follow the location as well as super precise control of 200: 1 because it does not cause hunting in the narrow brand area.
* Control signal 0mA ~ 20mA, 4mA ~ 20mA, 0V ~ 5V, 1V ~ 5V, 0V ~ 10V, 2V ~ 10V can be used to switch almost all instrumentation signals to simple setting and also have built-in feedback output signal. Applicable to almost all systems
* Built-in LCD Indicator makes it easy to check the valve flow rate and device status. It also has additional functions such as Action Mode, Fail Mode, Dead band, and self-diagnosis.

[Product description]

* Uncalibrated: 0% ~ 100% operating range fully automatic setting / control of the same characteristics before complete removal of calibration error
* High resolution: 200: 1 or more / Electronic Brake System applied
* Multi Input Signal: Almost all instrumentation signals available (6 types)
* Feedback Output Signal: Feedback Output 4mA ~ 20mA output regardless of control signal type
* Built-in LCD Indicator: Device Status Display / Valve Counting Rate Display
* Self-diagnosis function: Internal device error / Potentiometer error / Motor error / Actuator / Valve Over Torque
* Various built-in functions: Auto Setting Switch / Action Mode (Direct, Reverse) / Fail Mode (Close, Stop, Open), 2 Step Digital Dead Band (Narrow, Wide), Electronic Brake System / Retry function in case of fault , Noise Skip function (0V ~ 5V, 0V ~ 10V control), LCD Back Light
* Compact external shape and high reliability parts: Special molding process improves the reliability of waterproof and vibration resistance

* Chiller equipment, constant temperature, humidity equipment, automation equipment, test equipment, automated inspection equipment

[Common Specifications]
* Fluid: Water, Air, Oil, Gas
* Working pressure: Max. 10Kg / ㎠
* Fluid Temperature: 0 ~ 80 ℃
* Operation power supply: AC220V (60Hz, 50Hz combined use) / DC24V

* Proportional Motor-Flow Control
* LCD display at the top: check the metering amount
* 4mA ~ 20mA (fixed) / 6 control signal selectable with Feedback standard 0mA ~ 20mA (default), 4mA ~ 20mA, 0V ~ 5V, 1V ~ 5V, 0V ~ 10V, 2V ~ 10V
* Resolution 200: 1 (AC220V), 600: 1 (DC24V), 1600: 1 (DC24V), 3000: 1 (DC24V)
* Compact design
* Built-in limit switch: No power consumption other than operation

* SCS14A material with strong corrosion resistance
* Reduced bore type
* PT Screw
* Working pressure: 10kg / cm2
* Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 80 Degrees



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Contact Payment Manager
  • Name : Jin A Yang
  • Tel : 82-28666646
  • Email : trade@tootec.co.kr


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 53 Gasan digital 2-ro (08588)
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  • Name : Sean,Cho
  • Tel : 82-2-866-6646
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    Heung-Dong Park
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    53 Gasan digital 2-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul (08588)
TAVT Co.,Ltd(Total Auto Valve Technology) is one of the leading exporter and manufacturer producing a full range of Valve products with the high quality , the most reasonable price and the on-time delivery. We have been dealing with a lot of clients in the local teriitory and many buyers in overseas marketing areas. We are always pride of Total Auto Technology with World Best Products and Service. On the based that TAVT Co., Ltd. (Total Value Technology) have wide experienced with LCD clearing equipment, Semi-conductors, PCB equipment, Automation equipment, Test equipment, Water treatment equipment, all kinds of Power Plants, Plant projects and an advanced technology. We have tried to make best effort to develop products that correspond perfectly in environment, the spirit that our clients surely visit again together with total quality control system is making and distributing Auto Valve products. For the hope 21th century forward the prosperity of tomorrow in the era of globalization, TAVT's valve products will always become to the eternal companion with customer and will become one which try in customer's situation in order to develop research with reliability with our best ability.
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  • Main Product :
    Proportional Control Valve
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    7~8 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    11~50 people



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