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GH Super Collagen tablets

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GH Super Collagen tablets
Why do you need collagen?
Lock elastic skin from inside to outside
Collagen is the most important protein in human body. It is one third of our body's protein and 90% of the main component of dermis.
It can help a lot of our bodies
Help sleep         Reduce body fat    Strengthening bone structure  Reinforced joint
Muscle strengthening   Help digestion   Treatment of inflammation  Dental health
Collagen decomposition and synthesis will not increase
After 30 years old, the production of collagen decreased by 1% every year,
If you are 50 years old, your body's collagen production will be reduced by 20%
When the collagen in the skin decreases, the skin will start to age
The skin will become fragile, lose elasticity and become weak, which will hinder the synthesis of collagen in the body
Because of all kinds of external factors, it needs to start from the external intake.
GH Super Collagen
Why is it special?
92 times absorption   
Low molecular collagen
It contains 4 times.
Delicious taste
Convenient portability
92 times absorption
Compared with the type of absorption applied on the skin, oral collagen is a product with superior absorption capacity.
92 times
The shape of the film can be maintained for a long time after it is attached to the oral mucosa. Because of long-term contact, there will be high absorption and absorption rate
Public patent No.: 1020170131542
Oral test articles containing high molecular active ingredients and injection methods of high molecular active ingredients in the oral cavity

Low molecular collagen

GH Super Collagen is processed to a finer 200-500Da than 1000Da, which is often referred to as low molecular collagen, with excellent absorption.
General collagen absorption rate      Low-molecular-weight collagen absorption rate
(animal)                               (Marine)
Compared with the current collagen (3000-5000da), it has excellent absorption rate at a small molecular scale (less than 3000DA)

Why super?

It's very difficult to make products containing a lot of collagen. GH collagen has four times more collagen than competitive products with the best technology and experience, and can take in more collagen
Comparison of collagen content in small fish
GH super collagen about 59,701mg/100g 1 / 10000 of hair thickness
Shark fin.Fresh fish about 2,410mg/100g
Reference collagen content of 100g by weight (1 day intake: 1000mg)
Take it with relish
Don't drink the stinking collagen! Make it beautiful! It contains fresh lemon fragrance and Puhe leaf essential oil!
Help collagen formation, high absorption rate of vitamin C, D added!
Convenient portability
One time packing is light and can be put into the bag and pocket! It can be easily enjoyed anytime and anywhere.
How to take it?
2 for one day before sleeping
Don't chew or swallow. Please stick it on the inside of your cheek and melt it slowly
Please tear along the open mark
Please take it out or turn it around
Stick it on both sides of the face frequency and melt it slowly
GH Super Collagen Q &A
Q:Will aspatam not cause cavities in the product ingredients?
It's 180-200 times sweeter than sugar
Influenced by caries bacteria, the consumption of substitute of unfermented new white sugar has increased dramatically at home and abroad
Q. long time intake has no effect
1. When multiple parts of organs or human body are damaged due to weight loss or disease, the effect will not appear soon
2. It is difficult to supply collagen for a long time without regular intake, so it will not have obvious effect
3. The effect will be halved if it is affected by UV and pressure

Q. won't the skin produce sensitivity?

Although there is no skin problem at present, we hope to take it after skin problems are relieved because of the diversity of TE and its causes.

Q. won't there be any problem when ingesting with vitamin C?

Taking it with vitamin C will not have any side effects or problems.


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Oxford-based scholars gather to conduct genetic research and health research. Through various health supplements, testing and consulting, we help maintain health and maintain a happy life. It provides new services by combining the latest technology, new products and various know-how.
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