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Art scratcher

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    Model Art scratcher
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    Republic of Korea
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    Art scratcher
Art Scratcher
that cat and owner can enjoy together. ART SCRATCHER
Kitteney is created with the slogan 'The happiness for all of you and pet'. Kitteney wants to satisfy both aesthetic beauty for the man and comfort and practicality for the pet. We offer a reasonable solution (product) so that you and one of your cats don't have to compromise on the many problems you and your cat face in their lives.
So Kitteney promises three things: 'Using safe materials', 'A reasonable price', and 'A cat-loving design'. Based on the four checklists, we created the Art Scratcher for five months of trial and error, and making six samples. Let’s meet Kitteney’s Art Scratcher.
We broke the stereotype that scratches should be placed on the floor. 01 With Kitteney Art Scratcher, you can make a scratch zone anywhere for your cat, which is on a sunny desk, on top of a cat tower.
Henri Matisse values "balance."
Kittney thought about it with him, so we got together with his work.
“I want to draw a perfect picture that is balanced. Like providing a quiet resting place for a tired person.” -Henri Matisse
We thought that special frames should contain special pictures.
So we choose 'Henri Matisse,' who is similar to Kitteney's brand philosophy. Kitteney has featured a drawing of Henri Matisse, a 20th century famous Artist who loved cats and focused on balance.
Did you think scratcher was just for cats? Now, meet a whole new scratcher. This is complete with a wooden frame of sensuous, comfortable color, sturdy carpet, and the famous painting.
You can attach Art Scratcher any wall.
If there is scraper anywhere, it becomes a space for cats.
It can cover the torn wallpaper
Are You tired of plowing the wallpaper which is ripped off? Don't worry about it now. It can be attached to any wall, so it can cover up the wallpaper neatly and economically that has been torn apart by cats . All you have to do is attaching it. Kitteney will cover up the previous injury.
Just attach it to the wall.
If you're worried about nailling on the wall... Don't worry about it. We give you a 3M command tape for the frame. The 3M command tape holds 2kg of weight per tape, so it can hold a total 8kg.
There are three angles that more cats can use well.
Put it on, hold it up, lay it down, transform it what the cat wants!
Kitteney Scratcher can be attached to the wall. You can also use a stand which is printed on the back of the box to stand the scratcher. It is also an optimized design for cats that use scraper as a bed. The wooden frame serves as a fence for cats who feel secure inside the area. It doesn’t depend on the size of a cat. You can adjust the height and attach it to the wall, so you don't need to purchase multiple different sizes of scratchers
Countless boxes of delivery boxes are being thrown away in a year. Kitteney designed a package that would increase buyer’s satisfaction and save the earth. Kitteney printed a scratcher stand on the back of the box. Consumers do not need to buy an another stand, and cats can enjoy scratching with more different angles.
Complete the interior with picturesque scratcher.


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  • Name : Seo Yeon Park
  • Tel : 010-2047-7229
  • Email : kitteney104@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 2 Hancheon-ro 11ga-gil, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul (02617)
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    Seo Yeon Park
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    2 Hancheon-ro 11ga-gil, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul (02617)
We are founded by a group of pet owners and have committed ourselves to bring you the best products. We make products for cat instincts and consider the owner's beautiful house. Now, a product for a cat can be a product for you. Kitney developed one of the most important products to raise a cat, Scratcher's features and designs, with consumer feedback, but he's having trouble with the lack of sales channels and marketing experience. Through these support projects, we would like to diversify our overseas promotional channels and promote sales to foster KITNEY as a competitive brand overseas. Kitteney was created under the slogan 'Common Happiness of Humans and Animals.' I want to satisfy both aesthetic beauty for the pet and comfort and practicality for the pet. Kittney promises three things for owners and cats: 'reasonable price,' 'use safe materials,' and 'design with heart.'
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    Cat Art Scratcher
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    Less than 100 million (KRW)
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