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Eleven Huesday

Eleven Huesday De-spot Luminosity

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  • Brand
    Eleven Huesday
    Model De-spot Luminosity 30ml
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
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    Regardless of Gender
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    Regardless of Age
  • Function
    Premium skin brightening agents and optimal formula
  • Features
    7 types of natural skin brightening ingredients
TMC Korea is founded in 2014, and we are a company expertise in cosmetics and skincare devices. We launched a derma-costmetic brand, 11 Huesday in 2016. With our motto of “beginning of the change of the skin that becomes healthier itself” We would like to provide optimal formulae of the healthy skin care suitable for skin condition and requirements of our customers. Ever since the brand launching, as a global enterprise, we have been consistently rolling out products and making efforts to merchandise trendy cosmetics locally and overseas.

De-spot Luminosity


Capacity : 30ml
Skin Type : All skin types
De-spot Luminosity
The whitening serum containing the dark spot reducing Tetrapeptide-51,Tranexamic acid, will keep the dull skin radiant and translucent

1. Powerful Intensive spot care
The whitening agents like Tetrapeptide-51,Tranexamic acid which are commonly used for medical purposes, will reduce blotchiness and impurities.
2. Premium skin brightening agents and optimal formula
As the skin aging gets accelerated by giving birth, stresses, external aggressors, and it also promotes melanin productions resulting in the dull complexion. Despot luminosity keeps the skin raiant and luminous with its optimal formulae of highly concentrated brightening ingredients.
3. 7 types of natural skin brightening ingredients
Using 7 types of skin brightening oriental medicinal herbs make the skin clear and translucent and the precursor of vitamin C in them will help improve the skin tone by preventing oxidative stress and fighting free radicals

Key ingredients
※ Only limited to the characteristics of the materials

Tranexamic acid
It used to be the medicinal ingredient for liver spots treatment but recently it has been under the spot light as a cosmetic ingredient for its skin brightening ability. It can intensively target dark spots on the skin and inhibit melanin production to prevent skin imperfections.

The patented new material that slows down the skin aging caused by photoaging, and fight off free radicals from UV rays. Helps increase antioxidant enzymes and collagen in dermis, resulting in protecting the skin against breakouts and oxidative stress.
Skin brightening formulae using 7 oriental medicinal herbs
7 different oriental medicinal herbs deliver hydration and nutrition to the skin and give brightening effects, resulting in only brighter and healthy looking skin.
Poria cocas Wolf : Skin hydration, Soothing, firmness
Bletillae Rhizoma : Oxidative stress prevention, soothing, skin hydration boost
Paeonia japonica : Transforming to bright and luminous skin tone
Seeds of the Gingko biloba Linn : Protecting against the free radicals, skin oxidation prevention, skin rejuvenation
White Ginseng : Protecting against the free radicals, skin protection, skin rejuvenation

How to Use
After toner, apply all over the face at the step of the serum application in the skincare routine Gently pat into the skin with your fingertips until fully absorbed

Dark looking, dull and tired skin Melanin activated skin by frequent exposure to the environmental aggressors Uneven skin tone by skin imperfections like freckles Rough, nutrition lacking skin

De-spot Luminosity
White cream type essence
Glides well without being cakey with skin brightening effect
Texture Feeling
Supple and refreshing feeling without stickiness


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TMC KOREA is established in 2014 as distributor of Korean cosmetics and esthetic devices into global market. Since 2016, TMC KOREA launched our own brand, 11huesday (Eleven Huesday) and have developed functional & trendy cosmetics continually. Therefore we have exclusive distributors in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Mongolia, and also have partners in Mexico, USA etc. Our partners have distributed our products to offline for spa & clinic and online for retail customers directly. We've been promoting brand market through online & offline like instagram, facebook, POP-up store, exhibition etc. We sincerely do our best for trust and strong relationship with partners.
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    Derma Cosmetics (11huesday)
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