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Washing machine Cleaner 500g

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    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
  • Function
    Washing machine cleaner
  • Expiry Date
    2years from date of manufacture
Laundry will be clean only if the machine is clean, too!
Beginning of perfect washing!
For both basic and drum machine
Removing stubborn stains / removing germ, mold
Cleanly washing hidden and invisible spots in washing machine
Once a day, cleaning sink
Once a week, cleaning bathroom
Once a month, cleaning fridge
By the way, do you clean your washing machine?
You ignoring washing machine absently, it seems to be clean outside but how about inside?
Washing machine drum, full of germs and molds!
Contamination inside the washing machine, 250 times as much as toilet?
Due to the contamination of drum, lots of mold is being found in the washing water
"To do the laundry cleanly, first have to clean the washing machine drum…"
Molds inside the machinie are moved to laundry, which brings about skin allergy or respiratory disease
It's possible to clean up machine drum with exclusive detergent conveniently!
Laundry stain made when washing
Contaminant accumulation inside the washing machine
Proliferation of mold because of humidity
We suggest to these kinds of people
- One who hasn't ever cleaned the washing machine before
- One who have a continuous problem of odor after washing
- One who finds out stain or dust in the laundry
- One who has itchy skin or unidentified troubles in their skin
Three reasons why you should use SOSOIKSUN washing machine cleaner!
1. EM enzyme action
White EM(Effective Microorganism) of SOSOIKSUN washing machine cleaner is a nice component which repels many germs and viruses
It has eminent effect in removing mite, mold and stain inside the machine drum
2. 99.9% sterilization effect
Nonionic natural surfactant mainly made of coconut fatty acid has excellent stability and cleaning efficiency
3. Removing bad odor
Main material sodium percarbonate is the best for removing musty odor inside the drum as well as bleaching and sterilization effect!
SOSOIKSUN washing machine cleaner, what will be changed after using this?
How’s it going with your washing machine?
Aren’t you feeling easy thinking that ‘our machine must be clean?’
Clean washing starts from clean drum
Before it’s too late, do easy washing with SOSOIKSUN washing machine cleaner
The least thing to help good daily life, SOSOIKSUN becomes the standard of living
How to use
* Ordinary washing machine
01. Fill in the drum with about 40˚c hot water up to high level and put all the washing machine cleaner(500g) into it.
Stay for 90 minutes while cleaner is dissolved well in the drum
02. After 90 minutes, fill the water up to high level again, and operate standard washing course one time to clean up the drum
* Front load washing machine
01. Put all the washing machine cleaner(500g) into the drum
02. Close the lid well and operate standard washing course once. Depending on the type of machine,
using methods could be different. Please refer to instruction manual
* For detailed instruction, please refer to the back side of the product
We answer your question
Q1) Isn't it too much to use 500g for one time use?
A1) On average, capacity of washing machine for household is more than 10kg
To clean up machine drum with this size well, at least 500g at one time should be used to have an effective result
Q2) Will it be ok if used with cold water?
A2) It's ok with cold water, but when used with hot water it will have the best result
Q3) Even after using this cleaner, some dust are with my laundry.
A3) You don't have to be worried because they are from residue dust after cleaning machine,
so it's better for you to rinse machine with water one time before actual use
Q4) Is this usable to both ordinary and drum washing machine?
A4) Yes, you can use with both type. The thing is they are different in using method, so please refer to the back side of the product
Please be cautious when using
- Please do follow to the instruction
- Keep it in the place where small kids or baby cannot reach
- Avoid direct sunlight and place with high humidity
- Do not use for other purpose
- Use this product exclusively
- Please be noticed that when using with other acid products, hazardous gas will be created to cause danger
- If it gets into the eye, wash it with running water and go to see a doctor
- If someone eat this, make them vomit immediately, take much water and go to see a doctor
- If you use this wrongly for other object, clean and wash it promptly


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