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Diet Massager Pump

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    Diet Massager
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Diet Massager Pump
If the woman wants to be beautiful, she has to lose weight. To speak more exactly, she has to lose weight woman-likely.(Cocomedi Diet)is a healthful diet to lose weight woman-likely.
The principle of cupping a boil(kind of maxa cautery in Chinese Medicine) relaxes and massages the stiffened abdominal fat and helps blood irculation and the energy flow. This also gives the elasticity to skin, removes fat and makes hormone secretion active.
Most of the obese persons become weak in the circulation operation of the lower body.
To improve this, this teatment appliance of air pressure promotes this circulation to both legs by force. The repetitive dilations and contractions of air pressure compress by giving pressure to veins and promote the blood circulation of foot-leg-knee-thigh through the flows of blood and body fluids and affect to treatment effects on the lower body obesity and its edema by activating the energy flow of our overall body. These are the good conditions for dissolution of fat.
For the office worker with uncomfortable shoes, this treatment of air pressure makes recovers from the daily fatigues.
* It promotes blood circulation on cure region and increases the skin elasticity on body parts for diet.
Lower body obesity and lower abdominal obesity get an excellent effect through removal of body wastes in blood by activating blood circulation. Abdominal obesity is the meaning of not only" protruding belly"at a glance but also 'visceral fat'. Fat cells around viscera cause the raise of cholesterol in blood, which are easily dissolved and go into the blood. So these heighten danger of geriatric disease such as hypertention, diabetes, hyperlipemia and fatty liver etc. and cause heart and blood vessel disease like heart attack and paralysis.
In the worst case, they may cause a sudden death. So the abdominal obesity needs thorugh prevention and management for your health, compared to other types of obesities.

For "Dreadful weight loss in abdomen", the dietary treatment must go side by side with the exercise cure properly. The most important things are two. That is, firstly we should regulate weight. Secondly, we have to prevent from malignant yo-yo- phenomenon.

If you are now in overweight or obesity, this is not the problem of 'innate body type,' but the problem of purely your 'habit'. obesity causes geriatric diseases, problems of blood circulation, irregular menstruation, lumbago and constipation. But the more actual facts are "self-abasement" and "anti-sociality" by "the loss of self-confidence". Moreover, the freakish culture that body should fit to clothes or more concretely speaking, the clothes for girls are as small as the elementary school girls wear has a great deal of influence with the general society. The gener ation who are very sensitive on the fashion trend may have severe melancholia, if she can't fit herself to this kind of clothes.
Melancholy no morel the only solution is "Yourself" and you can solve this, no blaming others.

* Go on a healthy diet by the principle of cupping a boil(the kind of moxa cautery in chinese medicine)through air pressure.
※ You must read this notice and warm up before using.

Before diet exercise, massage lightly with your hands, turning around on the skirts of exercising regions (abdomen, waist, thigh or the orearm) from bottom to up and outside to inside for 3~ 5 minutes.

Characteristic ;
This is developed to slim abdominal (waist, the flesh inside of the thigh or the forearm) obesity for diet by exercise and the continuous massages dissolve fat and prevent from obesities.

① Apply massage oil to the small absorption vessel ("C" sized cup) and rub it equally and smoothly in "S" type, as shown on the lllustration, grabbing the upper portion of cup with one hand.
② Rub from bottom to up.
③ Rub from outside to inside.
④ Do exercise for 10 minutes and take a rest for one minute and repeat the exercise and rest for one minute again. Repeat the same exercise three times a day everyday
1. Preparation Materials
① A Small Cup(A small absorption vessel) A Small Cup(A small absorption vessel)
② Massage Oil

2. Installation Methods
① Connect the air hose to the main body. (Connect the projecting portion of 'ㄱ' type to air inlet on the back side.)
② Connect the other side of air hose to the absorption vessel. (Please be careful to adhere closely, not to leak out the air.)

3. Operating order
① Switch on the main body. (If you press one time, LED of the main body lights on and starts to operate.)
② Once the vacuum (Pressing Pressure) starts up, regulate the vacuum pressure slowly pressing the level button in the state of vacuum'L(low)',' M(medium)'and 'H(high)'. Please keep the time in'10 minutes' a time
- It always starts from 'Level 1′. (Level(Low), Wave(Level 1)' and time (10 minutes).
( You can control the vacuum intensity by pressing and releasing the vacuum cancel button with your finger.)
③ If the vacuum continues, the skin in the absorption vessel becomes swollen.
- In case of severe pain, please switch off the power and press the vacuum cancel button. And remove the absorption vessel. (In your first use, you may feel pain a little.)
④ Use the cup (absorption vessel)turning around from the bottom to up and outside to inside.



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