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Dish Rack

Dish Rack / Dish Dryer Bowl Storage hygienic management - Black

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  • Brand
    Dish Rack
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    142 X 97 X 248
  • Color
    White / Black
  • Material
    Stainless, ABS
Dish Dryer Bowl Storage hygienic management
For Minimal life
Still difficult to clean up for Kitchen?
The bowl does not touch the floor, so there is no worry about germs.
Mini dish dryer.
Dish rack.
Dish Rack Mini                                     Dish Rack Mini
White                                                 Black
product specifications
Size : 142 x 97 x 248 / materials : Stainless, ABS
The bowl does not touch 
the floor, so there is no 
worry about germs.
Mini dish dryer. Dish rack.
Is your dish dryer safe?
Look closely at the dish dryer.
Slime and germs are formed
because of the remaining moisture
after washing dishes.
6 house out of 10 house detected food poisoning bacteria.
On a hot day, afraid of germs with kitchen... food poisoning bacteria are detected at 62% home of all.
Food poisoning bacteria are detected in dish towels, refrigerators, cutting boards, spoon case, and the bottom of dish-dryers.
One in five outbreaks of food poisoning occur at home.
Food poisoning is more likely to occur at home than to food service or eating out.
No! Worries about hygiene.
The bowl does not touch the floor, so there is no worry about pollution after dish washing.
The space between each bowl ensures perfect drying.
Each part can be separated for hygienic management.
Space utilization UP!
It is very efficient because it can be placed
vertically for Clean up the kitchen.
Clean storage without worried about breakage.
Have you ever broken a bowl because it crashed?
Do you keep it wrapped in paper when you store it?
Easy to use
It is very efficient because
it can be placed vertically
and move quickly and easily.
Please attach the bowl completely when using.
Patent registration completed.
Reliable Korean products.
Solve your worries with a dish rack.
Real review
- Many dishes that are not organized during the holiday season.
- It's very good for me.
- I wanna buy it.
- It’s really good! I wanna buy it.
- It's really good because efficient.
- The dish rack is good!
- Well organized "dish rack" is very good.
The more you build, the more space you have, the more modern you can make the kitchen look neat.
The more you build, the more you build!

the main culprit of inefficient space-stopping.
Receiving vessels that were difficult to use because they only had to be stacked on top of existing shelves in a large size.
Wasn't it inconvenient to take it out and use it in a large bowl?

Select your favorite color
Compatibility with different sizes of utensils
All dishes used in everyday life, such as rice bowls and soup bowls, can be organized.
(Excluding plates)

Space-agnostic modern design
Cleaner and more attractive kitchen. Interior effect.
Handles make it easier to move and safer to store as they do not break even when shaken.
Stainless wire rigid and free from rust

Precautions for Use
- Don't overdo it.
- If contaminated, wipe it with a dishcloth.
- Please refrain from washing with strong acid cleansers such as Rox.


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  • Name : Kwon Kyung Min
  • Tel : 82-07041331207
  • Email : wishing0602@hanmail.net


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 2630-13 Biseul-ro Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu (42964)
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    Kyung Min Kwon
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    2630-13 Biseul-ro Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu (42964)
Wishing is supported by the Small and Medium Business Corporation and the Youth Start-up Academy. Founded in 2016, I am a company specializing in household goods. We've got a lot of self-patternship skills that we can trust. Based on 100% domestic manufacturing and production system I'm trying to be a company that gives trust to customers. We'll continue to make new and new products. I'll fill in the necessary parts of my life. We will continue to strive to increase the value of our customers' lives. Thank you.
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    drying rack
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    11~50 people


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