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Chai Fit

Chai Fit 20g x 14 Packets Garcinia Cambogia Extract 4 in 1 Diet Jelly Super Food Easy and Simple NEW

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  • Brand
    Chai Fit
    Model Diet Jelly Super Food
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    20g x 14 Packets (280g)
  • Style
    The recommended daily intakes : Adults once per day / Before meals or within 30 minutes having meal
  • Features
    Avoid direct sunlight, keep it in a dry, cool place, keep it sealed.
  • Function
    For the health of your diet and skin appearance, joints and cartilage!
  • Condition
    Garcinia cambogia extract inhibits carbs to turn into fats, resulting in fat loss.
The Chai Inc. is a beauty and health retailer that has launched a multi-function supplement,‘Chai Fit’ and currently is selling it online.
Chai Fit is a gelly stick type health, diet supplement, that is beneficial for joint health and skin hydration and body fat loss. ‘Chai Fit’ is a safe food product that is MFDS-approved and successfully went through a wide range of certification procedures including GMP and distribution history report and many others.

Chai Fit


Product Listing : 20g x 14 Packets (280g)
The recommended daily intakes : Adults once per day
Direction : Before meals or within 30 minutes of having meals

How To Store
Avoid direct sunlight, keep it in a dry, cool place, keep it sealed.
For the health of your diet and skin appearance, joints and cartilage!
Chai-Fit is a complex functioning gelly stick containing garcinia cambogia extract, fibersol 2, N-acetyl Glucosamine, which is easy to carry and eat.
For a differentiated, easy-to-consume diet, whenever, wherever you want! Do Chai Fit!

4 in 1 complex functioning diet gelly
Chai Fit only uses the ingredients approved by the MFDS, Korea.

N-Acetyl Glucosamine(NAG) 1000mg
N-Acetyl Glucosamine(NAG) is a healthy, MFDS-approved ingredient that is good for skin hydration and joints and cartilage.
N-Acetyl Glucosamine(NAG) can be produced by hydrolyzing chitin, that comes from the outer shells of shellfish. In human body, it is a component of glycosaminoglycans, glycolipid, glycoprotein etc. that are found in joint lubricant, and mucous membrane and bonding chemicals between cells. It generally is beneficial for joint and cartilage health and skin hydration.

Patented natural new ingredient N-Acetyl Glucosamine(NAG)
1. Produced by the process of eco-friendly, completely fermented enzymes
Double-functioning ingredient extracted by the patented chitinase enzyme method
2. Crab Shell 100%
N-Acetyl Glucosamine(NAG) is a chemical coming from the outer shell of shellfish like the crab.

NAG for skin hydration
- If your skin is dry
- If you want to restore your dry and rough skin’s pH balance
- If you want to have healthy skin.

NAG for the health of joints and cartilage
- If you are working on your feet all day long.
- If you walk on the stairs, and steep area too often.
- If your knees are feeling tired from a long-hour car driving.
- If you need to take a good care of the joint health
- If you are suffering from joint pain due to excessive excercise

Garcinia cambogia extract 750mg
The reason why carbohydrates are the No.1 enemy for dieters is that when it comes into the human body and turns into fats ,and results in body fat increase. Garcinia cambogia extract inhibits carbs to turn into fats, resulting in fat loss.

HCA that is an active ingredient, was tested on the human body.
The participants in the test, who were overweight or obese(beyond BMI 26)were asked to consume HCA, and the results showed that their subcutaneous fat and visceral fat were reduced later.
Weight Loss Abdominal and Visceral Fat Loss Hip circumference reduction and body fat weight loss Waist line reduction

Fibersol 2 : 2300mg
Many dieter’s common complaint is constipation.
Fibersol 2 helps your bowl movement thanks to its grain-based dietary fiber.

Carefully Selected Ingredient
Biotin Compound Powder Gold Compound Extract Seven Berry Concentrate
Fish Collagen Hyaluronic Complex Pomegranate Concentrate

Key point of Chai Fit
Portable / Simple
The stick-type chaifit is easy to carry, so it can be used in bags and pouch. Compared to other health and diet foods or supplement, it doesn't need water or separate preparations. So you can take it simply at time any where.

Everyone eats deliciously, This sweet and pomegranate flavor jelly. Also you can take care of your health together.

Multi functional jelly for joint/skin/diet

CHAIFIT is a safe product that can be taken with confidence, such as the FDA's certification (Healthy Function Food, GMP, History Tracking) and other advertising certificate is approved.


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THE CHAI is total beauty company specially our main product "CHAI FIT" is multi-function (loose weight & articulation health & skin moisturizer & help bowel movement) diet jelly stick. our product is manufactured by Korea's largest health functional food company "COSMAXNBT" also we hold all certificates such as GMP(good manufacturing practice) & Health functional food & traceability. also does cerificates are issued after systematic test and monitoring by Korea Food & Drug Administration. We have many supplement, you can do your skin care to gather with diet! with Chai Fit you can take care of your joint and Cartilage health and go on a diet with a Jelly!!
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