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antioff Power-Case for iPhone 11 (battery not included) : KAI's Choice

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  • Brand
    Model ACIP11-N
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
  • Weight
  • Features
    Replaceable Battery
  • Style
    Changeable design cover
  • Gender
Antioff Power Case for iPhone 11. 
It Convenient Replacement Battery Case than Power Bank.
When you need to charge a phone, just simply change a battery.
��  Product Specification:
- Compatible with: iPhone 11
- Weight: about 65g (only phone case) / about 110g (If, included 1 battery)
- Color & Design: Various
- How to use:
  o Type 1 (Using Power-adapter and usbc cable)
    * Input: DC 5V - min 1.0A or more
    * Output: Input current/Voltage are supplied as it is.
  o Type 2 (Using Replacement battery in Case)
    * Input: DC 3.8V - 2600mAh
    * Output: DC 5V - 1.0A
*  Usable battery: Compatible with Galaxy S4 (I9500)
  - Capacity: 2600mAh, 9.88Wh
  - Weight: about 40g
�� Features and Use:
1. How to charge a phone?
  (A) Just press down the back cover of Case to open it and insert full charged battery.
2. How to charge a battery or phone?
  (A) Just connect a power cable into ANTIOFF Case. (You can use usbc cable. Not Lightning)
        If there is a battery in the case, the phone and battery will be charged at the same time.
        If there is no battery in the case, will be charged the phone.
3. Can I purchase additional batteries?
   (A) Yes. you can buy more batteries. Simply search for I9500 battery or S4 battery.
4. I want to change the design cover, what should I do?
   (A) We have prepared a variety of design covers for you. Buy a cover with the design you want and change it.
�� Cautions ��
[1] Batteries are not included in this product.
Lithium-ion batteries can be ordered separately or in bundles.
Before adding battery options, check and select whether there are any battery customs issues in your country.
[2] This product is not subject to electrical and radio certification.
    (The batteries included in the bundle are FCC, CE, and KC certified.)
* This is not a power bank, It's a Power-Case for Smartphones.
* You can purchase additional lithium-ion batteries by searching for Galaxy S4 battery.
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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 21, Jungang-ro 14-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea (63169)
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    Adam Shin
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    21 Jungang-ro 14-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do (63169)


Welcome ! Welcome to our e-catalog home. Here you can find information about our products. You can also send us inquiries and post comments about our company and products. We hope you enjoy your visit. ADCRUNCH is a start-up company that studies smartphone accessories and services. It was established in Jeju-island in March, 2017 and it is developing and supplying smartphone accessories in various forms and associated services based on BFUP(Banding Free Utility Platform). Jeju-island where ADCRUNCH is located has poor IT infrastructure. Our brand identity will be Designed / Manufactured in Jeju-island. We are a startup that makes ingenious accessories and services for smartphones. ADCRUNCH means to enrich our lives by adding interesting imagination to products. Our goal is to become ""VICTORINOX"" in the smartphone accessory market. Imagine more than smartphone accessories can do. Multipurpose tools for smartphone are our dream. Our goal is to get rid of situations in which users are forced to suffer unnecessary discomfort and endure it in order to use smartphones. Our accessory products and services are studied and developed in accordance with philosophies of BFUP(Banding Free Utility Platform) so that this discomfort can be solved or minimized. ADCRUNCH is angry at the fact that smart devices that make our lives comfortable, including smartphones, are pushing users for many constraints and minor inconveniences. All our products reject discomfort and stress and convey the value and message of simplicity for users.
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    Smartphone Power Protective Case
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    ADCRUNCH Co., Ltd. 
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    ADCRUNCH Co., Ltd. 
  • Registration of Brodcasting and Communication Equi 
    Director General of National Radio Research Agency 

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