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Laminaria japonica Fermented Vinegar

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  • Brand
    Model S00401
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
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  • Expiry Date
    2 years from the manufactured date
  • age-appropriate
    For all age groups
Laminaria japonica Fermented Vinegar is a fermented vinegar that has an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
You can rest assured that this product is made entirely out of domestic ingredients.
It has a 350ml capacity and is packaged as a single product in a glass bottle.
Along with the scent of Jinhada Shima, it also helps strengthen immunity.
The Laminaria japonica Fermented Vinegar contains a special patent application recipe.
It has better anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties than regular vinegars, and a variety of health benefits.
It is easy to eat for drinks and cooking, and it also has rich fiber to help relieve constipation.
It is effective in antioxidant, constipation prevention and improvement, immune improvement, aging prevention, cancer culture control, and high blood pressure prevention. It is a very familiar material and has a variety of beneficial ingredients.
Drink Laminaria japonica Fermented Vinegar tea with water, or drink it cool with carbonated water and ice.
Or you can use the Laminaria japonica Fermented Vinegar for salad dressing or a variety of dishes.
Protect your precious health with the Laminaria japonica Fermented Vinegar.


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Korea Prime Pharm.Co.,Ltd.

Korea Prime Pharm.Co.,Ltd.

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Korea Prime Pharm. CO., LTD. is established in 1995 with specializing in manufacture, production and sale of ethical drugs(ETC) and prescription-based drugs. This company has achieved a 30% annual growth rate higher than the average growth rate of the general pharmaceutical industry. Preparing for the potential global market opening and the conclusion of the Korea-US FTA, The company has been putting all its effort into developing new medicines through industrial-educational R&D cooperation, with the goal of being an international company. In order for business diversification in response to changing market, the company has recently established a new department of health functional food and cosmeceuticals, as well as undertaking a national research and development project aimed at developing new products based on natural substances. New products are to be launched from 2019. Our cosmeceuticlal products will further devote itself to the beauty of women. We strive to make good products honestly for the health and beauty of our customers. We strictly exclude harmful substances for the human body, consider customers to be the first priority, and produce products through strict quality control from raw materials to product shipment. The customer value of Korea Prime Pharm is not limited to mankind. We are committed to protecting the natural environment, animals and plants so that mankind can live a healthy and beautiful life. We will always communicate and share information for our clients' business success. With the belief that our clients' success is our success, we provide customized ODM total consulting from product planning to sales.
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    Recover Therapy Cream Thera-Q:C
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    More than 10 billion (KRW)
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    101~500 people


  • composition for alleviating skin regeneration 
    the Korean Intellectual Property Office 


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