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MADEHANMUT Hunminjeongeum Clutch Bag Korean Fashion Style Unique Bags Luxury Modern Design Items NEW

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  • Brand
    Model Card Wallet
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    W 31cm x H 21cm
  • Color
    Black / White / Tiger logo / Crane
  • Function
    MadeHanmut Hunminjeongeum Clutch Bag is a unisex clutch bag designed with the Hunminjeongeum
  • Features
    The Korean glam fashion that is gaining popular across the world.
  • Condition
    interior pockets for clutch bag : 6 pockets / huminjungeum details
‘The most authentic Korean thing’, Hangul Globally approved Korean beauty. Many people around the world are crazy about authentic, traditional Korean beauty
down-to-earth cultural beauty and respect for the nature and spiritual minds, longing for ideal world, ample love, and fulfillment of auspiciousness. MADEHANMUT is not only trying to spread the Korean culture but also provide a product that is enriched with Korean traditional beauty that can win the hearts of the entire world. Starting from recognizing the beauty of Hunminjeongeum, Madehanmut will continue to share the beauty of Korea.

Clutch Bag

MADEHANMUT Hunminjeongeum Clutch Bag


1. Hunminjeongeum Manuscript (Black)
2. Hunminjeongeum Manuscript (White)
3. Hunminjeongeum Tiger
4. Hunminjeongeum Crane

Product Material : Vegan Lather(Saffiano synthetic lather)
Product Print Method : Silk(Screen) Printing

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Creates authentic Korean glam MadeHanmut Hunminjeongeum Clutch Bag
The Korean glam fashion that is gaining popular across the world.

The Korean brand chosen by the editor-in-chief of the Style Buff, Gianni Fontana MADEHANMUT Hunminjeongeum Clutch Bag

MadeHanmut Hunminjeongeum Clutch Bag is a unisex clutch bag designed with the Hunminjeongeum Manuscript concept.
MadeHanmut Hunminjeongeum Clutch Bag does not use actual animal skin or fur, instead it uses saffiano synthetic lather. MADEHANMUT is trying to help protect animals with its vegan fashion items.

Hangul that can show Korean beauty the best, and be the starting point of Hangul representing the genuine Korean authenticity It is a clutch bag designed with the Hunminjeongeum Manuscript concept.
Hunminjeongeum (Black) Hunminjeongeum (White)

One of the symbolic animals representing Korea, the tiger and the animal that embodies the Korean traditional mystery and sprit, the crane. It is the Korean beauty that is subtly expressed with the tiger and the crane.
Hunminjeongeum Tiger Hunminjeongeum Crane

Product / Model Cut

Hunminjeongeum Manuscript (Black) Hunminjeongeum Black Tiger Hunminjeongeum Black Tiger (Back)
Hunminjeongeum Manuscript (White) Hunminjeongeum Crane White Hunminjeongeum Crane White (Back)


- When the product gets dirty, gently wipe it off with wet wipes
- Avoid flames
- For proper cleaning, consult a leather- cleaning professional.
- It is not recommended for the product to be cleaned by hand-washing or a regular washing machine.


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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 316 Hanggaul-ro Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do (15496)
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    Jae Kang Jung
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    316 Hanggaul-ro Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do (15496)
Korean is the most representative Korean. Many people from abroad are enthusiastic about the beauty of Korea, which is recognized worldwide. Traditional patterns created by our ancestors retain the beauty of simple and simple culture, and include awe of nature, spiritual sentiment, longing for the ideal world, fullness of affection, and replenishment of the path. I met three people who were fundamentally concerned about the Korean. We will change the public's perception so that Koreans can be loved by meeting the public with products that utilize Korean fashion such as Hangul. All the members of the maid Hanbok are committed to communicating with the public
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    Korea Language Designed Fashion
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