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cocodor Gift Set Reed Diffuser 200ml / 6.7oz / 2pcs / Standard

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    256 ea
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    50,000 ea per One-Time
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    World Wide, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia
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      USD 7.30 ~ 7.50

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  • Brand
    Model Standard Gift Set
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    200ml / 6.7oz * 2pcs
  • age-appropriate
    All ages
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We study fragrance.
We capture fragrance.
We preserve fragrance to bring a smile to your face.

Fragrance that stays by your side, cocod'or will become one of your warm and cherished memories.
Since 2002, cocod'or has been continuously taking on new challenges to pioneer Korea's fragrance market.

We have studies fragrance for 17 years to fill your everyday life with sweet and rich scents. As a global brand, cocod'or creates user-focused products that are moderately priced to ensure enjoyment by all, and exports them to over 20 countries.

cocod'or products are used to deliver happiness and contribute to society through fragrance. We create the fragrances of life by building wells in Africa and volunteer to help the elderly and the neglected through fragrance. cocod'or will continue placing fragrantly scented candles in all corners of the society.

cocod'or will never stop striving to become a reliable brand and to present more fragrant diffusers to a greater number of people.
Evolution of Fragrance at Reasonable Price
We create our own fragrances. Going past being diffusers, we deliver fragrance with flowers. Our R&D team comprised of the world's best talents is comitted to improving the quality of our pdocuts. Then, we will ask our customers.
Social Contribution of Fragrance
cocod'or will advance onto the global stage based on the trust we have won with our diffusers, candles, and floral products. Like the fragrance that spreads to all corners of the world, cocod'or will continue its dedication to social contribution.
Worldwide No.1
The beautifully scented people at cocod'or crete beauty and shared growth with their own hands.
Capturing beautiful scents, bright lights, and even the colors of flowers, cocod'or's products, both beautiful and practical, will be a part of your life.
English Pearfree
White Freesia's unique fresh floral fragrance blended with a gentle sweet fragrance of English pear, delivering rich and elegant atmosphere.
Flower Blossom
A scent harmoniously blended with the bright bloomed hyacinth, floral bouquets, and soft young grass. It will turn your space into a little field.
Floral Bouquet
The floral bouquet lilac with the attractive fragrance of fresh flowers and the carnation's floral notes add a fresh scent and help you feel refreshed.
Rose Perfume
The Grasse region's fresh, sweet centifolia rose is blended with sensual musk scent, delivering the rose scent more elegantly.
White Jasmine
A scent having the scent of alluring white jasmine and rich and gentle scent unique to tuberose at the same time.
Lovely Peony
The scent of a floral bouquet and magnolia is blended with a pink musk note, and delivers the elegance and sensuality of the mysterious peony.
Fresh citrus and cool mint flavor of lime and green lemon peels vividly deliver and charm of mojito.
Pink Grapefruit
Florida orange's cool jjice is added to the fresh and clear scent unique to pink grapefruit, making you feel refreshed.
April Breeze
The wind of soft, sweet white flower falls of this scent will spread slowly and put yout heart and mind at ease.
Refreshing Air
Clean cotton scent is added to the soft and bright mandarine & orange citrus note, helping you feel refreshed.
Black Cherry
The freshness of grape and apple is added to the sweetness of the ripe black cherry. The unique subtle sweetness of black cherries will warm the atmosphere.
Coco Peach
A fruity tropical fruit scent is added to the sweet lovely peach scent, giving it a refreshing crisp scent.
Citrus Lavender
Enjoy the freshness of the combination of lime and orange floral scent and herb lavender. Freshle bursting scent of orange and lime is added to the cozy herb scent of lavender.
French Lavender
It is a scent that gives a soft yet strong feeling with the freshness of the lime and the weight of patchouli. The fragrance with a unique freshness and adnrogynous appeal.
Garden Lavender
It is an attractive scent with the neutral combination of the sweetness and herbal scent unique to lavender, as if full of lavender blooming in the sunlit garden in a lazy afternoon.
Green Tea
Lime and lemon citrus note and aromatic green tea scent make you toned down and help the space refreshing.
Pure Cotton
The citrus and mint added to the white laundry note, delivers and clear, cotton texture as a scent. A scent containing a clean and pure feeling like a pure white duvet.
White Musk
A scent with a rich white powdery feel with subtle sensuality added on top. Try to feel the deep charm of slowly permeating white musk scent.
Deep Musk
A charming musk scent with a deep atmosphere with the cool bergamot pinewood as well as the blend of soft sandalwood and vanilla.
Balsam Ceder
A unique blend of sweet and cool scent rubbery resins makes you relaxed as if lying in the woods.
Containing a soft forest in the strong metallic note, you can enjoy a combination of conflicting scents. It is a classic city image, but, at the same time, a scent like walking on a forest path.
Spa Relax
A green grass scent, a clear woody note resembling nature, and a cool watery feeling harmonize together to help relax the tired mind of modern people.
Cookie Cookie
The rich butter and sweet vanilla flavors from the x-cookies being baked will give you the happiness of biting into a x-cookie
Joyful Season
A holiday sparking drink containing plenty of freshly picked raspberries and sweet oranges, making you feel the citrus and sweetness at the same time.
Scent of Winter
A scent like the wind blowing from the snow-covered forest in the morning sunshine. Feel the excitement of the winter from the scent of the forest in the cold air.
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  • 145-17 Wangdam-ro Mohyeon-eup Cheoin-gu (17035)
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    145-17 Wangdam-ro Mohyeon-eup Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do (17035)


∙ Company Overview Cocodor is a home fragrance specialized company that manufactures, develops, and distributes fragrance products such as diffusers and candles. Since our establishment in 2002, we have led the Korean fragrance industry and established ourselves as a national diffuser brand. Also, we have exported our products to more than 36 countries including the United States, Taiwan, China, Japan, and Europe in order to realize our vision as a global No.1 Fragrance company. Not only in Korea, but thousands of people have also been choosing our products. ∙ Factory Information With Large scale factory of 19,835m², we are the largest manufacturing facility in the domestic diffuser industry. Currently, we have introduced a smart factory automatic weighing and mixing system and this enables a better quality of mass production. With fully equipped facilities and know-how, we develop and manufacture high-quality products. Conducted thorough testing and analysis of hazardous substances and strict quality control. ∙ Our Service We have the capability to do PB/ODM/OEM from our own factory. Therefore, we are able to customize the bi-lingual packaging.
  • Business Type :
  • Main Product :
    Reed diffuser, Flower diffuser
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    More than 10 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    101~500 people



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  • Total revenue
    More than 10 billion (KRW)
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    101~500 people


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