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All in One Hip Seat Baby Carrier 1.5KG -GREY

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  • Brand
    Model All in One Hip Seat Baby Carrier
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    1 unit
  • Material
    Premium Compressed Foam
  • Features
    Baby Carrier + Hip Seat Carrier
  • Function
    intensively reduces shoulder pain
  • Style
All in One Hip Seat Baby Carrier 1.5KG -GREY
Baby Carrier + Hip Seat Carrier

Patented “EGGRAY”design created by a Dad caring about moms who suffer from shoulder pain. Makes it much easier for moms and dads to take care of babies.
DUAL Function carrier!
Hip Seat Carrier
I love you. Do not hurt your shoulders.
Hug your baby more comfortably and easily.
comfortably and easily
Hug more comfortably! ALL-IN-ONE Carrier
Lightly! Weight Distribution
Weight Distribution
Shoulder Strap Design
Strap for both mom and dad
Back side Slide Rail
Adjust Shoulder width to you
Back to Basic! Main Feature
Optimized Seat
Double safety device
3D Air Mesh
100% Cotton bibs
Private Sleeping hoode
Safe head supporter

01. Padded Shoulder Straps
Uses Premium Compressed Foam
Hip-seat baby carrier that can be worn for long hours Reduces pressures on the shoulders Maintains Padded cushion’s bouncy after multiple washes

02. Adjustable Buckles for Back Strap
Adjustable to Multiple Body Sizes Convenient for both dads and moms.

03. 3D Air Mesh for Front area
Cooling effect for both moms and babies
Air Mesh Fabric used for Front area considering moms who carries babies all day long and babies who have generally high body temperature.

04. Great bouncy feelings on padded cushion
Designed to fit to baby’s skin
Uses Non-toxic, Non-slip pads not to hurt baby’s delicate skin
- If the shoulder strap is leveled, Weight can be dispersed to reduce pain.
- There's a number on the shoulder strap. Keeps both shoulders level easily.
- When mom and dad use alternately, you can quickly fit it on body only with the number
Waist Belt Point line
- When you wear Waist belts alone, can be difficult to align velcro correctly, disoriented posture easily
- By adding reference points and horizontal lines on waist belt, you can fit it on body Intuitively
Baby Carrier Eggray ALL-IN-ONE!
Baby Carrier Eggray
BEIGE - kkotgaram beige
BLUE - Aram Blue
GREY - Yunseul Grey
Weight reduction design comfortable for a long time.
Buffer Technology is applied in waist belt, less burden from waist
Ergonomically efficient design is apply to waist belt, comfortable feeling stay longer
Keep baby's posture Non-slip Pad.
Non-slip Pad on the seat, Keep baby's posture and make a baby comfortable.
Ergonomically efficient design on baby carrier make baby feel stability.
Premium Eggray
Special Eggray
Large Storage Pockets
Strong Strap Organizer Clip
Provides Waist Belt adjusting point for the best fit.
The 3D-air mesh construction for front and back of the carrier
Buffered Hip-seat waist belt weight
The enhanced, sturdy finish of Waist belt helps relieve mom’s back pain by reducing a baby’s weight.
Ergonomic Design for Baby Carrier
1. Select the strap-adjustable number you wish.
2. Adjust the strap to the marked point(lines) at the waist area of the carrier precisely
3. Fasten the belt buckle.
4. Tidy up the rest of the belt.
5. Hold the baby on its back and place the straps on your shoulders.
6. Fasten the belt buckle on your back and adjust the back strap to the best fit for you.
Package listing of the Eggray All in One Hip Seat Baby Carrier
Mother's Best Choice REAL REVIEW
The baby carrier for all Parents!

The old baby seat was hard to find the balance, But when my husband worn eggray, even the first time to wear it, he felt comfortable and hug a baby stable.
Baby carrier to relieve shoulder strain!'

The shoulder part is also thick, and it will fit horizontally, So it was good to shoulder pain. The heavier the baby is, the harder the shoulder is, and the worse it is. This baby band heap seat is very comfortable to wear on the shoulder.
The discomfort from experience Remove all products

It was nice to be able to improve things that were uncomfortable during normal use. The bigger pouch, the tail part of the strap, he shoulder strap!
Easy to use and secure aby carrier suitable for use

If I measure the length of both strings with eyes, I don't know it's leveled. Eggray has number that make easy to wear, Just find the same number both side.
Complementing the difficulty of being uncomfortable

I actually have a weak back. So the hip sheet has not been around for a long time. However, this is really comfortable at the waist. I found that when I'm comfortable, Baby also feel comfortable. The bigger pouch, the tail part of the strap, he shoulder strap!
Remember the line number Mom and Dad are all OK!

It was very hard for Mom alone to take care of the baby. Especially when going out/ traveling. Weight distribution hip seat Baby carrier will no longer hurt my back, shoulders and back. In the case of my husband, he adjusted it to 3 and said it was okay.
- Do Not Use the carrier for babies weighing less than 7lbs (3.2kg)
- Only use this carrier for babies between 7 lbs(3.5kg) and 44lbs (20kg)
- Before each use, make sure all fasteners are secure
- Do not unbuckles locked correctly
- Until the baby can hold head upright, do not use.
- Don't use in 30mins after feeding baby
- Please do not use the carrier continuously for over 2 hours.
- Your balance may be adversely affected by your movement and that of your child
- Take care when bending or leaning forward or sideways
- This carrier is not sutatble for use during sporting activities, eg.running, cycling, swimming and skiing.
- To preventing hazards from falling, ensure that your child is securely positioned in the carrier
- Check to assure all buckles, snaps, straps and adjustments are secure before each use.
- The baby's position should be checked regularly to make sure that the baby is properly seated in the carrier.
- Always be cautions on any potential accidents when your baby is on it
- Check that all the hipseat carrier parts are properly connected and fastened.
- Make sure the connecting zipper is fully secured to the end and locked into place by folding the zipper pull backwards.
- Thread the velcro fasteners thru the rings and firmly attach them together.
- small children might swallow small parts
- Make sure to hear the "click" when you fasten the belt of the breast belt
- Before washing, please take the molding form out of the hipseat.
- Please do attach the Velcro of the hip seat, fasten the buckles and place in washing nets to wash.
- When washing without the Velfro attached, fluffs may occur from the damages of the fabric.
- Wash alone in cold water
- Do not soak in water for a long time, and do not wash with hot water or boil
- Wash lightly with wool washing
- When drying, avoid direct sunlight and dry in well-ventilated shade.
- Drying with drum wasing machines or driers may cause damages and deformations such as the product shrinking.
- If the detergents for baby products contain alkali substances, it may cause discoloration and bleaching, so please use neutral detergents
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Welcome ! Welcome to our e-catalog home. Here you can find information about our products. You can also send us inquiries and post comments about our company and products. We hope you enjoy your visit. Eggray's catch phrase is "Do not hurt my shoulder, I love you!". We have developed products to solve the parental difficulties that may arise in child care. The main items are baby carrier and hip seat. We have actually used Baby Carriers and have constantly revised and supplemented the shortcomings. Established in 2018, it is certified by KC certification, high technology companies, and focuses on the development of smart hip seat baby straps.
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    Baby Carrier, hip seat carrier
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  • Inspection report 
    Korean Institute of Environmental Construction 
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    korean intellectual property office 


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