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Bella Gin

Bella Gin Original Ginseng Serum

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Ginseng Gold Serum BellaGin was created through passion to deliver the pure nutrition and energy of nature from the root of Korean ginseng. BellaGin adds synergy effect of natural ingredients and patented ingredients of Korean Ginseng to your tired and damaged skin. It helps you to have elastic and healthy skin.
The high saponins and polyphenols contained in Korean ginseng help to keep skin healthy by providing excellent anti-aging effect and protecting skin texture and giving elasticity to vital skin.
Present the nutrition and energy of the condensed nature of Korean Ginseng Root through Ginseng Gold Serum Archery to nourish your precious skin.
The nutrients of pure Korean ginseng are preserved through three years of waiting in uncontaminated soil, which is not allowed to anyone.
The energy of organic Korean ginseng root, not extract!
Ginseng Gold Serum BellaGin contains 100% organic Korean ginseng root, and a large amount of ginsenosides are concentrated in the serum to deliver healthy skin to the last drop.
Nutrition of a three-year-old organic ginseng root.
Ginseng Gold Serum BellaGin contains three years old root of organic ginseng as it is, giving vitality to the skin with synergistic effects of ginseng nutrition and patented ingredients, giving skin elasticity and moisturizing to return to clear and clean skin.
Certified Organic Ginseng / No Pesticide Remaining
BellaGin uses Korean certified ginseng that is grown in clean land and energy.
Residual pesticide detection / organic Korean ginseng certification
Ginseng Gold Serum BellaGin Unique
Korean ginseng and specialized 24k pure golden serum start pure fermentation when the biological ginseng meets cosmetic contents. After aging, the appearance of ginseng changes little by little, and the contents of cosmetics become thicker and more fragrant. Loss represents a process and a change. This aging process delivers the concentrated nutrients to the skin up to the last drop.
Contains 99.9% pure gold
The Gold used in the serum is 99.9% pure gold, which helps to absorb nutrients to the skin, helps detoxification, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and blood circulation, cleanses the skin, promotes metabolism, and brightens the skin.
Detox + Antioxidant + Anti-Inflammation + Antibacterial + Blood Circulation + Skin Purification and Metabolism
1.Camellia sinensis
Aging prevention due to antioxidant effect
Keep skin firm
Skin soothing , antibacterial action
Damaged skin protection
 2.Rosemarinus officinalis
Aging prevention due to antioxidant effect
Skin soothing
Skin conditioning
3.Matricaria ecatita
Calm skin and tightens skin
Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action
Minimize sensitive skin irritation
4.Centella asiatica
Anti-inflammatory effect
Anti-aging effect
Skin regeneration
Skin elasticity
5.Polygonum Cuspidatum
Skin cell protection
Skin anti aging
Melanin Pigmentation Prevention
6.Glycyrrhiza glabra
Anti-inflammatory effect
Antioxidative effect
Reduce skin discoloration
7.Scutellaria Baicalensis
Skin hydration
Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial Effects
Contains patented ingredients
The synergistic effect of nature ingredients and patented ingredients will return dull and rough skin to healthy, bright and elastic skin.
Patent No. 10-1181911
Patent Ingredient No. 10-0812596
Patent Components No. 082120
Contains 7 natural plant extracts
Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis), Chamomile (Matricaria ecutita), Green tea (Centella sinensis)
Centella asiatica (Glycyrrhiza glabra, Polygonum Cuspidatum, Scutellaria Baicalensis)
Benefits of BellaGin ;
Helps to manage aging of skin
Improves skin elasticity and makes skin clear and clear.
It nourishes skin's nourishment and improves healthy skin.
Helps to calm skin and improves skin texture.Ginse



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Wizk International is loacated in Korea, founded in 2019. we are producing and developing cosmetics and healthy food. Our main products are ; * Mango flavored healthy functional jelly. Contains ; water soluble curcumin/Oriental raisin tree extract/Water soluble milk thistle/Natural Mango Concentrate, so it helps to relieve hangover and improve liver function, recover fatigue and strengthen immunity. * Korean Ginseng Skin care essence : Highly concentrated essence made from 100% Korean ginseng (3 years old). The whole ginseng of Korean ginseng is added to revitalize the skin with synergistic effects of ginseng's nutrition and patented ingredients.
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