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JejuAloeGel Premium

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Thisis made entirely froma 100% environment-friendly aloe juice extract, which is the result ofmore than 5 years ofgrowth with fermented compost and no chemical fertilizers, onJejuIsland, which is renowned for its clean environment. It contains environment-friendly raw aloe, so it is just like eating fresh aloe itself. Jeju farm aloe gel uses only natural ingredients that are appropriate for consumption, with no chemical additives, such as chemical preservativesorpigments.. It is individually packed, making it easy to carry around.


Product features 

1. Made by forming a 2X concentration of the inner kernels of raw aloe grown usingeco-friendly cultivation methods, which means that it gives you twice the nutrition and effects of the regular product.


2. It helps you to enhance and maintain yourlevel of immunity: Whenever a harmful substance enters our body, our immune system is activated in order to protect us from it. This product enhances the immune system. A good immune system is crucial for a healthy lifethat is filled with vitality. Thisproduct will give vigor to anyone who suffers from fatigue and stress.


3. Keepsintestines healthy: The stomach and the intestines are fundamental organs that absorb nutrientsand excrete waste. The product helps these organs to function well, thus enabling us to maintain the well-being of our bodies.


4. It helps with skin care: This product effectively supplies moisture to the skin and gently calms the skin, and has sometimes been used as the main ingredient for healing burns and skin problems. Indirectly, this product facilitates bowel movement and discharges bodily wastes, helping with skin tone and regeneration.


5. It helps to resolveinfections and skin troubles: It helps to heal scars and ameliorate skin problems such as pimples.This product helps to heal scars where aloe cannot be applied.


6.For today’s busy people, it is a healthy, convenient substitute for breakfast.



You are recommended to take 80 ml of the product on an empty stomach, twice a day. The recommended amount may vary according to individual needs.

After opening the product, you shouldrefrigerate it. We recommend you take the recommended amount everyday, without skipping days.


● Main ingredient : Eco-friendly Aloe Vera gel leaf concentrates 186%

* JejuAloeGel Premium 40ml x 60 packets /Health functional food


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  • 161 Cheomdan-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do (63309)
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Farm Jeju Agriculture Association Corporation

Farm Jeju Agriculture Association Corporation

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    Young sun Kim
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    161 Cheomdan-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do (63309)
We find health in nature and give happiness. We want to preserve human nature and restore their naturalness through the sharing of environmentally friendly elements. The Jeju farm is organic, which does not use chemicals, and controls aloe only with light and water from Jeju and fermenting compost. Find happiness in nature. We want to preserve nature and make natural products born in nature beneficial to humans to help people's mental and physical health and deliver happiness. We want to share happiness based on health and health by introducing aloe effects as well as producing only aloe products," he said.
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